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Fast Food: Popeyes Crawfish Tackle Box

Fast Food Will Gordon 14 comments

Popeyes emphasizes their Louisiana roots at every turn, but it's still pretty bold to offer a nationwide special on crawfish. For a limited time, $4.99* will get a thrill- or fish-seeking fast foodie a Crawfish Tackle Box featuring big pile of fried crawfish nuggets, a small batch of Cajun fries, a biscuit, and a tub of Creamy Horseradish Sauce. It's a good deal. More

American Classics: Fried Scones

Sweets Alexandra Penfold 9 comments

When polling my friends for their favorite regional sweets, one of my pals from Utah mentioned loving "fried scones." Fried Scones. The very name brings to mind what might happen if you gave Brits access to the best of Paula Deen's archives. More

Fried Scones with Cinnamon Honey Butter

Serious Eats Alexandra Penfold 2 comments

While you can make fried scones from refrigerated or frozen yeast roll dough, making them from scratch doesn't require that much more effort. Sprinkle them with powdered sugar or better yet, drizzle them with a cinnamony browned honey butter. More

20 Fried Food Recipes for Fat Tuesday

Rob Sobotnik 5 comments

With Fat Tuesday approaching, there's never been a better time to indulge in some fried, fatty foods. Whether sweet, savory, spicy, gooey—there's something about that crunchy exterior that has us loving all things fried. Here are 20 recipes that will have you wishing Fat Tuesday was every Tuesday. Fried chicken, fried pickles, fried cupcakes, and more. More

Dulces: Buñuelos de Rodilla (Mexican Christmas Fritters)

Sweets María del Mar Sacasa 2 comments

Buñuelos de rodilla are just such a recipe. These "knee fritters" are named that way because the flat disks of translucent dough are shaped upon the knees of women. Imagine spending a whole day carefully stretching hundred of buñuelos, crafting them so they fry up crisp, golden, and airy. The picture of this scene is wondrous and really illustrates how even the humblest foods are treated with respect and affection. More

Churros with Chocolate-Dulce de Leche Dip

Serious Eats María del Mar Sacasa Post a comment

If you're a lover of fried foods, you'll have a deep understanding of the ultimate satisfaction of eating a churro as it emerges out of a burnished gold, bubbling pot of scalding oil. When paired with a silky chocolate dulce de leche dip, they're absolutely irresistible. More

Deep-Fried Tripe

Serious Eats Chichi Wang 1 comment

Deep-frying tripe may also be one of the easier ways to introduce offal-squeamish eaters to the joys of stomach. Its winning crispiness not only creates textural pleasure but also disguises the looks of the honeycomb, which not everyone finds to be an asset. More

Scandinavian Street Food: Danish Crispy Pork Cracklings

Scandinavian Street Food Kalle Bergman 6 comments

The look has a vague resemblance to pig tails. Not the ones attached to heads of little girls, but the ones attached to actual pigs. And the flavor is all oink. But it's the texture that's the star of the show when it comes to Danish crispy pork cracklings: partly firm, cracking under the pressure of your teeth, and partly buttery with a more gentle crunch. More

We Tried Popeye's Fried Crawfish Special

Fast Food John M. Edwards 18 comments

The last time I went to New Orleans, my buddy and I ate a pound of crawfish while sitting on the hood of his car. They're like little Southern lobsters: little red crustaceans with small, but deliciously meaty tails. Throughout the month of November, Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen is offering fried crawfish as their "Popeye's Crawfish Special," a limited-time promotion. (Today, November 3rd, they're offering a free taste of fried crawfish to anyone who walks in.) More

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