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Bake the Book: Macarons de San Francisco

Sweets Emma Kobolakis Post a comment

If you've had your fill of dainty pastel melt-in-your-mouth jam sandwich cookies, these macarons from La Boulange: Cafe Cooking at Home are a rustic breath of fresh air, composed of nothing more complicated than hazelnut or almond meal, egg whites, and sugar. More

Macarons de San Francisco

Serious Eats Emma Kobolakis 5 comments

Decidedly different from those fussy, multicolored cake-cookies that seem to have taken over bakeries, these Macarons from La Boulange: Cafe Cooking at Home are nutty, sweet, and light, owing to a mix of hazelnut and almond meal, egg whites, and sugar. And that's it. More

Two Valentine's Day Desserts For Two

Sweets Stephanie Stiavetti Post a comment

Making an entire cake for your romantic Valentine's Day dinner feels silly, so here's the remedy: two classic French desserts—Coeur à la Crème with Raspberries and a White Chocolate Soufflé—that are scaled down for two. More

Let Them Eat: Almond-Pear Cake

Sweets María del Mar Sacasa Post a comment

Tarte amandine aux poires, the classic French almond-pear tart, is ubiquitous in Parisian pâtisseries. This cake is a nod to that tart, whose simple ingredients never cease to achieve quiet perfection. More

9 Desserts To Celebrate Bastille Day

Sweets Carrie Vasios Mullins Post a comment

We love that Bastille Day falls on a Saturday this year. That means a whole day devoted to sipping rosé while playing a leisurely game of pétanque. It also means that we'll have time to throw together a real French meal, including dessert bien sûr. More

Wake and Bake: Raspberry Jalousies

Sweets Carrie Vasios Mullins Post a comment

Cat tongues. Nuns' Breasts. Maybe it's all that sugar going to people's brains, but sweets have been named for some interesting things. Take the French pastry known as a jalousie, which is actually named after windows. More

Bake the Book: Versatile Crêpes

Sweets Caroline Russock 4 comments

Before we set out on our two week crêpe making journey courtesy of Martha Holmberg's Crêpes, it's important that we begin with a foundation. These Versatile Crêpes are the brown buttery base for all of the recipes within the book. More

Versatile Crêpes

Serious Eats Caroline Russock 2 comments

These nutty brown butter crêpes are the perfect base for a myriad of recipes. More

Cookie Monster: Almond Cherry Croquants

Sweets Carrie Vasios Mullins Post a comment

I first started reading my mother's dog-eared issues of Gourmet magazine not for the recipes, but for the travel pieces. I still unapologetically devour books that fall under the category "armchair travel," no matter how cliché the image of an urbanite curled up on a rainy day, reading Peter Mayle, may seem. More

Wake and Bake: Blueberry Breakfast Financiers

Sweets Carrie Vasios Mullins Post a comment

Financiers are essentially French teacakes. But the dainty proportions and restrained sweetness of the little almond-flavored cakes always struck me as somewhat akin to an all-American mini-muffin. Zut! I know I shouldn't even say such a thing. More

Share Your Sweets: French Desserts and Treats

Sweets Carrie Vasios Mullins Post a comment

Airy chouquettes, buttery sables, flaky croissants—your iterations on French pastry have us dreaming of Paris. And if we can't get there, we might just make them all at home. (So, um, someone tell us how the French don't get fat again?) More

Let Them Eat: Honey Lavender Mille Crêpes Cake

Sweets María del Mar Sacasa Post a comment

About the stack: mille crêpes—literally "one-thousand crêpes"—is, as you can imagine, made with many fewer layers than the title advertises. Here, about 20 crepes make up the build, but the concept provides a good sense of the results: grand, tall, stately. More

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