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Free 'Dude' Pizza at Two Boots to Celebrate 4/20 Day

Today, April 20, is 4/20 Day. You know what 4/20 is, right? In honor of this high holiday, Two Boots locations in NYC and LA will be giving out free samples of their "Dude" pizza, a "Cajun cheeseburger" pie, made with tasso ham, ground beef, cheddar, and mozzarella. The giveaway happens between 4 and 6 p.m. But don't think it's going to sate your stoner munchies. Gothamist reports they're only half slices. (The Dude pizza, of course, is named for Jeff Bridges character in The Big Lebowski.) More

Eddie's Pizza Truck to Open Thursday, June 10

[Photograph: Eddie's Pizza Truck] Next week Thursday, June 10, marks the debut of the Eddie's Pizza Truck. Eddie's has long been a bar-pizza staple out on Long Island, and now a truck version will prowl the streets of Manhattan. Oh, and FREE STUFF — the truck will be giving out free pizzas on opening day, June 10: "Free bar pies for the first 100 customers starting at noon. Location will be released on Twitter (@eddiespizzany) the morning of Thursday, June 10."... More

Where to Get Free Pizza with a Beer Purchase in NYC

View Where to Get Free Pizza with Beer Purchase in a larger map The A.V. Club's Max Silvestri pens an ode to the free-pizza-with-a-beer joints in New York City: Cheers to the man or woman—but honestly, most likely a man—who invented pizza bars. They make this city great. (Are they the only thing that makes this city great? No, but they're close.) If you don't know, pizza bars, which is a term I just made up, are bars that give patrons a free pizza with every drink ordered. I know, right? Silvestri only mentions the Alligator Lounge, since he thinks... More

Papa John Gets Camaro Back; Chain Offers Free Pizza to Camaro Owners Today

[Credit: Jalopnik] In 1983 John Schnatter somewhat famously sold his 1971 1/2 Camaro Z28 to keep afloat his father's tavern, the family business that would become the springboard for the Papa John's pizza chain. This year, Schnatter and PJ's began capitalizing on that origin story by conducting a very public search for the car. The automobile blog Jalopnik helped reunite the pizza mogul and his wheels, and now, in celebration, the chain is offering free pizza to Camaro owners. Anyone who drives his or her Camaro to the nearest Papa John's today will get a large one-topping pie.... More

Coming Soon from Pizza Hut: Stuffed Pizza Rolls

Jackson, Mississippi, Residents Get Free Preview Imagine this crazy Japanese pizza-roll-crust pizza without the pizza part. Maybe that's what the Hut's new Stuffed Pizza Rolls will be like? The big news (if such a thing could be considered big news) to most of us here is that Pizza Hut is coming out with a new appetizer--Stuffed Pizza Rolls. Special to Jackson, Mississippi–area residents is that they can get a free preview of the upcoming appetizer today: Jackson-area Pizza Huts will offer a free two-piece order of new Stuffed Pizza Rolls, which are cheese- and pepperoni-filled rolls that come with marinara... More

Free Pizza from Snapple Each Day Next Week

Joe's will be taking part in a Snapple free-lunch promotion next week. I just received a press release you all might be interested in. Snapple is doing some sort of marketing gimmick next week in which it's giving away free pizza lunches to the first 500 folks to show up at the following pizzerias (listed after the jump). All of the week's promotions start at 10:30 a.m. and last until the 500th person is served.... More

Free Pizza from TD Bank

From the New York Times: Since Nov. 1, TD Bank, part of the TD Bank Financial Group, has been buying pizzas from pizzerias near its branches and giving them away to anyone who orders a pie to be delivered from those restaurants on, say, a Friday night.The estimated 20,000 pizzas come in boxes emblazoned with the logo of TD Bank, formed by the combination of TD Banknorth and Commerce Bank. [via Brian Preston-Campbell]... More

Colorado Pizzeria Offering Free Pies If Rays Win World Series

"I will give you free pizza if the Rays win." —John Keiley, Johnny's New York Pizza John Keiley of Johnny's New York Pizza & Pasta in the Denver suburb of Lakewood likes to give away free pizza when certain athletic teams win. First it was his hometown Colorado Rockies in June 2007. When the underdogs actually beat the Yankees, he gave away 2,500 pizzas (worth $12,000) to celebrate the victory. Then it was football. Last season, he promised that if any NFL team could go 16-0, he'd give away free pies. Well, the New England Patriots took on his dare,... More

Free Pizza on July 4th

For all you schnorrers out there, the somewhat recently resurrected P'inch (now partnered and shacking up with S'mac mac and cheese emporium), will be giving out free pizza on the Fourth of July. The deets: Free four-inch pizza with any food purchase. Red, White, and Blue Cheese Pizza will be featured. P'inch 474 Columbus Avenue, New York NY 10024 (b/n 82nd and 83rd streets; map) 212-686-5222... More

Free Pizza at the Crocodile Lounge

CROCODILE LOUNGE Location: 325 East 14th Street, Manhattan NY 10003 [East Village; map] Getting There: L train to First Ave. Station; Crocodile Lounge is between First and Second avenues The Skinny: You get what you pay for. In this case, the pizza is free with beer purchase. Fun bar with SkeeBall, photo booth, outdoor patio in back They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the one above right is worth three bucks. That's what the photo booth at the Crocodile Lounge costs. I didn't mind throwing around my hard-earned dollars on such frivolity, though, since the pizza... More

FREE PIZZA! (With Beer Purchase)

CROCODILE LOUNGE Location: 325 East 14th Street, New York NY 10003 [East Village; b/n First and Second avenues; map] Phone: 212-477-7747 From New York magazine: The owners of Capone's and Alligator Lounge, Williamsburg's bastions of free pizza, have brought the brick-oven business model to the former home of the much-beloved Cellar. Though they've added some ferns, some lacquered beige-green tiles to the bar itself, and some crocodiles throughout (from the door handle to the ceiling), the real upgrade, besides the Skee-Ball machine, is a pizza oven doling out free six-slice personal pies to anyone who orders a beer. Listings: Crocodile... More

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