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Fort Lee: Is BCD Tofu House a Little Too Clean?

New York J. Kenji López-Alt 16 comments

My go-to spot for Korean soft tofu soup has always been So Kong Dong in Fort Lee, NJ, a restaurant that serves about a dozen varieties of hot tofu soup and nothing else, unless you count the BBQ kalbi, which nobody seems to order. But after hearing good things about BCD Tofu House, I decided to change it up. More

Daily Slice: Baggio's, Fort Lee, NJ

Slice Casey Barber 3 comments

Baggio's in Fort Lee is a neighborhood standby known for its thin crust pizza, but floppy, soggy crusts didn't stand up to its reputation. More

Soft Tofu Restaurant (So Kong Dong) in Fort Lee, New Jersey

New York J. Kenji López-Alt 29 comments

A mainstay of the Korean table, jjigae literally translates as stew, and there are hundreds of common varieties. Soondubu jjigae is my favorite. Flavored with pork, beef, or seafood in a broth similar to a Japanese dashi flavored with sea kelp and dried anchovies, it's laced with fiery red pepper powder or fermented gochujang pepper paste and often a handful of chopped, garlicky kimchi. The bulk of the dish is made up of tofu of the soft, silken variety, which develops an ultra-creamy, smooth texture as it heats in the boiling hot broth. Sinus-clearing, nutritious, and easy to down by the dolsot-ful, it's perfect restorative fare. More

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