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Football, Deviled Eggs, Bloody Marys: NFL Week 2

Hey, look everybody, a new column from the Drinking the Bottom Shelf guy! This one's going to be about football, deviled eggs, and Bloody Marys. It'll run every Friday until the Super Bowl, at which point Will'll switch over to a column devoted to the Republican primaries, nachos, and prison wine. (Ha.) Until then, let's get on with the new matters at hand: the Pats vs. Chargers this weekend. More

The Super Bowl of Food: Pittsburgh vs. Green Bay

It's Super Bowl time, and at Serious Eats, that means the same showdown we do every year: which team wins for the best food city? This year, we'll give each city a wide berth—say, 150 miles, or until you encroach on another team's territory. After all, Packers fans don't just live in Green Bay. So if delicious foods were predicting the Super Bowl score, how would the game play out? Follow along with us, quarter by quarter. More

Football Sausage

[Photograph: Norm Thompson] If you've always felt like something was missing from your football-themed parties, maybe it's because you weren't serving a giant football-shaped lump of smoked pork and beef. This 1 pound, 12 ounce sausage is available from Norm Thompson for $26.95. Other football sausages are available at Old Tavern Food Products and Silver Creek Specialty Meats. [via Like Cool] Related: Poll: Best Football-Watching Snack Food... More

Poll: Best Football-Watching Snack Food

[Photographs: Robyn Lee] Even if you're not getting all riled up for the AFC and NFC playoff games this weekend, odds are you would watch them if cold beer, nachos, and buffalo wings were nearby. But if you had to pick just one favorite grazing food, what would it be? This poll should come in handy for future Super Bowl party menu planners.... More

Video: Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez Eats a Hot Dog During Game

What really happens on the NFL sidelines? People eat hot dogs. At least Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets did at yesterday's game against the Oakland Raiders, only to be busted by cameras. He later apologized for wolfing down the tube meat, saying he "wasn't feeling very good" and needed a snack. Thanks to a great zoom-in job, we see that Sanchez is a mustard man. Sounds like he needs to read our mustard taste test for optimal sidelines snacking pleasure. The video and Sanchez's explanation, after the jump.... More

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