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Hey, Foodies: (Some) Chefs Hate You

Over on CNN food blog Eatocracy Jennifer Wolfe stirs the pot and reveals the tension simmering just below the surface when it comes to chefs and "foodies," quoting, among others, one Atlanta chef who says, "The foodie feels empowered by their passion for food, which creates a false bravado of how knowledgeable they think they are about food. The ironic part is they're simply being spoon fed something from a food personality..." More

Origin of the Term 'Foodie'

Stephen Richter/insatiablecritic.com Foodie is a loaded word. Every few months someone starts a Talk topic here on Serious Eats to grouse about it (here, here, and here, for starters). I'm ambivalent about it, finding it useful at times when you've exhausted all other synonyms. If you're wondering whom to thank or blame for its coinage, look no further. According to etymologist Barry Popik, former New York magazine food critic Gael Greene appears to have used it in print first in 1980: Gael Greene of New York magazine used the word “foodie” in a story on June 2, 1980, and then used “foodie” several times in 1982 and 1983. There were several London-based citations of “foodie” in 1982 and 1983.... More

Jessi Klein Hates Foodies

Over on Tina Brown's Daily Beast website, comedian Jessi Klein goes off on foodies: Let me be clear: I really love eating and I love food. I think anyone who knows how to cook anything is a genius, and I always appreciate the time and love that goes into a home-made meal. And I love going to restaurants. I love menus and forks and appetizers and the anticipation of desserts. But I hate that foodies feel like every meal has to have the same wow-factor as their birthday blowjob. I once tried to make dining plans with a foodie friend and it took over ninety minutes to agree on a place that met all of her qualifications for ambiance, cuisine,... More

On Tagging Yourself a 'Foodie'

Sarah of Los Angeles–based foodblog The Delicious Life snapped a great photo of the car at right here and then asked her readers, "What do you think? Yay or nay on 'foodie?'" The nays have it so far: "I find being called a f--die so offensive that I blank out the oos."... More

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