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10 Barbecue Trucks We Love In Austin, TX

A barbecue trailer power vacuum has existed in Austin ever since Franklin Barbecue transformed from food truck to brick-and-mortar operation two years ago. In a city packed with food trucks of all varieties, who will take its place? Besides the classic Texas barbecue meat plates and sausages, even more choices are popping up. There are smoked carnitas, brisket tacos, and Cuban-inspired pulled pork sandwiches. Many of these barbecue trucks offer a party-style with live music and free beer on weekends. The city of Austin is clearly benefiting from all this barbecue drama. More

10 Food Trucks in Austin We Love

The number of food trucks in Austin is overwhelming. With more than 1,000 trucks (many with quirky and kitschy themes, like "Biscuits and Groovy"), some might even say the scene is saturated. Don't settle for mediocre food served from gimmicky trucks! For this list, we wanted to highlight the trucks that represent the Austin scene at its best—scrappy entrepreneurs making excellent food with minimal overhead. More

More Hurricane Sandy Relief from Burgers and Food Trucks

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, many food businesses in New York City have been helping out by holding relief dinners and giving away free meals. Food trucks have been particularly helpful in getting food out to severely affected areas in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and New Jersey. Although Serious Eats: New York is keeping us updated on Sandy stories from the food world, I wanted to point out what some of our friends in the burger world have done to help, and what you can do. More

Lunch in the Loop: Taquero Fusion Food Truck

The Taquero Fusion truck is slick and equipped with a flat-screen television on the side that displays the menu and prices. Being the eternal manchild, I love shiny things and blinking lights, and I naturally gravitated towards the truck until suddenly, tacos and guacamole appeared in my hand, and soon, into my mouth. More

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