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Global Chocolate Shortage On The Horizon?

Susie Mesure of the The Independent says it's time for chocoholics to brace themselves against the worst, all over again: Fears over a global chocolate shortage have sparked a run on the dark stuff on world cocoa markets that has pushed the price up of cacao beans (used to make cocoa) to their highest level for more than two years.(...) The price of cocoa futures, which is how the beans are traded on world commodity markets, has climbed steadily since last November, reviving fears of the cocoa crisis of 2002 that forced major manufacturers such as Nestlé to hike the price of some of its chocolate bars.Although speculators have been fingered for pushing the price of cocoa higher, British... More

What Goes Into Your Pet's Food?

"A pet-food manufacturer recalled 60 million units over the weekend after at least nine cats and a dog died of kidney failure. No one has identified the source of the contamination, but the company said the recalled products included a suspect batch of wheat gluten. What else goes into pet food?" Slate's Michelle Tsai answers the question, and it may not be stuff you're comfortable with. What we should all take away from the recent food recall is that if you love your pets, you should be careful about what they eat. Don't just buy the cheapest sack of kibble on the supermarket shelf or the can with the most appetizing sounding name, read the list of ingredients first. And... More

TraceBack, DNA Authentication For Meat

Johnny from Popgadget discusses how beef with a pedigree could make us safer: "TraceBack is a new system for DNA testing cattle and swine, and then recording the movements of the butchered meat. A butcher would be able to take a small sample of beef and cross-reference the DNA against an IdentiGEN database to verify that the meat is from a healthy animal." Alternately, health departments can use TraceBack to identify the source of contamination during outbreaks, from the point of sale all the way back to the farm and to which particular animal was sick.... More

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