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How to Wrap and Store Cheese

Here's how to store your cheddar collection. [Photograph: steve p2008 on Flickr] More Cheese 10 Things That Make a Great Cheese Shop » All About Cheese Knives » All Serious Cheese coverage » I've had a number of SE'ers here ask for my advice on storing cheese, and luckily it's not too hard to keep your cheese happy until it's consumed. I've got a particular wrapping technique for cheese storage that I hope everyone will find useful. When I worked as a cheesemonger, we always advised our customers never to store their cheeses in direct contact with plastic, and not to wrap them too tightly. There's some science behind this, as kitchen scientist extraordinaire Harold McGee writes in his... More

To Store Chocolate or Not to Store?

One question that Americans obsess about when it comes to chocolate also happens to be one of the major differences that separates Americans from the rest of the world when it comes to appreciating fine chocolate: "What's the best way to store chocolate?" The answer I now invariably give is, "The best place to store chocolate is in your mouth." More

Tip: Freezing Individual Portions of Ground Food or Thick Sauces

A quick portioning tip, from Lunch in a Box "Biggie," the proprietor of bento-box-mad site Lunch in a Box, is fluent in Japanese and says on her site that she often turns to her library of Japanese bento books for great tips on speeding up the lunch-making process. Here's one she passes along, for storing individual portions of ground foods or thick sauces in freezer bags. Simply fit the food into the bag as flat as you can, squeeze out as much air as possible, seal, then use a chopstick or similar item (a ruler would work, too) to "score" the food. If you want, you can even fold the bag into thirds, along the score lines, to maximize... More

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