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Costco Will Accept Food Stamps Nationwide

According to City Room: "Company executives hope to have food stamp acceptance in place in half the company's 407 warehouse-style stores by Thanksgiving...While the company had once protested that it was difficult to configure its computer systems to accept food stamps—given that Costco sells many other products besides food—Costco has now embraced the idea."... More

Shouldn't Costco Take Food Stamps?

Photograph from greenwenvy08 on Flickr According to Jennifer 8. Lee of the New York Times, Costco—which has a well-deserved reputation as a progressive, worker-friendly company—doesn't take food stamps. This makes no sense. Lee reports that Costco offered three reasons for this: 1. They did not think they would qualify based on the federal government requirements.2. It was too expensive to adapt their equipment to accept food stamps.3. With their annual fee/bulk-purchase model, people on food stamps probably could not shop there anyway. Lee's story painstakingly refutes each of these rationales. The fact that this policy continues in the midst of our economic meltdown seems particularly cruel and nonsensical. And given Costco's progressive reputation, it's ironic that the Times is... More

The Latest in College Financial Aid: Food Stamps

Even ramen, delivery pizza, and Easy Mac can add up, which is why some college students are applying for food stamps. Despite the 26-page application, it's probably worth the time—and skipping the philosophy reading—if it means eating tomorrow. With 23,000 Denver residents receiving food stamp benefits, about 4,223 (18 percent) of them are students, according to the Denver Post. The qualifications can differ from state to state, but here's the government's fact sheet on food stamps. The nation's economic downturn is affecting all ages, even the young ones supposedly safe inside dorms.... More

Congressional Food Stamp Challenge

U.S. Representatives James McGovern (D-MA), Jo Ann Emerson (R-MO), Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), and Tim Ryan (D-OH) have pledged to live on an average food stamp budget -- just $3 a day -- from May 15-21, 2007 and have invited other members of Congress to join them in the Food Stamp Challenge. James and Lisa McGovern are blogging about the experience, and the challenges of this challenge. Jim writes, "This morning I attended a fundraiser in my honor at Bistro Bis restaurant at the Hotel George. I brought a banana for breakfast. Others were served eggs, bacon, potatoes, sweet rolls, butter, jam and great smelling coffee. I had water with my banana. I would have killed for one slice of bacon... More

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