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Scientists Discover 'Gourmand Syndrome'

Michele Humes 7 comments

Researchers have uncovered the "Gourmand syndrome": "eating passion associated with right anterior lesions." Next time someone accuses you of gluttony, simply play the "I have a neurological disorder" card. [via Bitten]... More

Pity the Food Snob

Adam Kuban 10 comments

On Slate, Daniel Gross laments the plight of the poor ol' food snob, as gourmands must now face the double blow of skyrocketing prices in addition to the environmental impact of their high-falutin' cravings. Once you start paying close attention, it's very hard to justify, in any economic climate, the prices of many food-snob essentials: $14.99 for a pound of wild ramps, $43 for a liter of Italian olive oil, etc. And since most food snobs are also good liberals who savor their expensive bounty while lingering over the Sunday Times, the contradiction can be sickening. We're spending obscene amounts on food we don't need at a time when so many others are genuinely struggling to pay for enough basic... More

Gourmet Genesis

Adam Roberts 17 comments

Eve enjoyed her time with Adam in the garden but found that she had strange cravings. "These tomatoes are nice," she'd say. "But wouldn't they be better slow-roasted in an oven and served on toasted bread with cold-pressed olive oil and aged pecorino?" One day, a snake overheard her thoughts and whispered to her. "Wouldn't you like to try some apple gelée with peach nectar foam on a bed of rose petals? Or mango soufflé in a moat of rosemary vapor with the essence of camel?" More

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