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Culinary Ambassadors: Grocery Shopping in Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico I have to shop around. I love Costco for some of my produce—tomatoes, lettuce, berries, and mushrooms for stuffing.... I go to a regular supermarket for basics (like cereal, milk, and produce) that I do not need 10 pounds of at one time. I visit a health-food place to get my vegetarian goodies, like eggless mayonnaise, tofu, brown rice pastas, quinoa, etc. MadelynRodriguez More

Culinary Ambassadors: Grocery Shopping in Wisconsin

Our shopping priorities go: local and organic (CSA, co-op, farmers' market), then local (farmers' market and Woodman's), then just organic (co-op and Woodman's). However, there are things (like bananas) that I do not buy from any of the above categories. When I lay it out like this, it sounds like a lot of work, but I actually enjoy the challenge of finding foods that align with our philosophy and taste great but don't drain our bank account. More

Grocery Shopping in the U.S.

I have never been a daily, fresh-to-the-market shopper. I dream that I would love to be, but using EBT for most of one's groceries tends to cause one to peruse the weekly ads and menu plan around them. I'll tell you, the day Sam's Club started accepting EBT last year was a day of great rejoicing in my house. More

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