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Must-Have Pizza Fashion

[Via: lolmart.com] It's incredible that no one has thought of this before! We have the genius (Tyrel) at terrodactyls.com to thank for subverting the iconography of the food pyramid. Viva la pizza! Buy one before the USDA shuts down this website.... More

Government Endorses Second Helpings

Good news today for members of the Clean Plate Club. The Onion reports on the FDA's approval of seconds: Addressing what it calls a 'growing epidemic of cravings and hankerings," the federal agency recommended redesigning food labels to prominently display extra-serving sizes and pledged to better educate consumers on how to make informed additional-portion choices at home and in restaurants. I think this neatly answers the question being bandied about on the Freakonomics blog: "What is the Right Way to Think About the Obesity ‘Epidemic’?"... More

The English Food Pyramid

The English Food Pyramid is pretty hilarious to me—but then I'm not an English nutritionist. The very tip of the pyramid is labeled "Fats, Oils and Sweets", contains lard, suet, bacon, shortbread, heavy cream and castor sugar, and has the notation "eat sparingly". [via malaclyps del.icio.us]... More

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