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In Videos: How Are Hot Dogs Made? Find Out (If You Dare)

With narration like, "Another machine then purées the meat batter into a fine emulsion and vacuums out any air" and "long rolls of cellulose tubing are loaded into the stuffing machine," this is a classic. Get this: 300,000 hot dogs in one hour. Warning: Do not watch this while eating lunch—especially if your lunch involves hot dogs.... More

Thousands Of Kids Don't Know Pork Chops Come From Pigs

Recent research by the Dairy Farmers of Britain suggests that a significant number of children don't know where their food comes from: "At a time when the government is overhauling school dinners to encourage children to eat healthy meals, the latest findings suggest that changing school dinners may be only half the battle - there is also a need to educate children about the origin of their food. More than one in ten (11%) 8 year olds don't know where pork chops come from, and many more have no idea where yoghurt (18%) or cheese comes (11%) from."... More

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