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Video: A Road Food Trip Through Spain

A road trip across Spain isn't diners and gas station hot dogs—it's long lunches with wine and a plate of jamón. We just spent two weeks traveling by car to the four corners of Spain. Catch the entire journey in this three minute food extravaganza! More

Video: 'No Reservations' Food Porn Episode, Part 2

Did you miss last night's episode of No Reservations? It was Part 2 of Anthony Bourdain's food porn exposé, featuring chefs Daniel Boulud, Cesare Casella, and Michael White as well as former New York Times restaurant critic Frank Bruni. Oh, and actual porn star Ron Jeremy (unappetizing!) doing intros. Here you go! More

Our Own Robyn Lee on 'No Reservations'

Photograph courtesy of Kathryn Yu's Flickr photostream Well, it's not like Serious Eats' Robyn Lee was a talking head on No Reservations, but you do see the back of her head on the show. FoSE Kathryn Yu captured the moment. There's Robyn in the background having lunch at Momofuku Ssam Bar. Update: Highmtn pointed out this photo in Robyn's Flickr stream. Thanks! Strangely appropriate, as the episode had to do with food porn, which Robyn excels at. Bourdain talks about food porn in this blog post and in this video with David Chang, where Bourdain says: It's anti-food in a sense. This is the thing with the food nerds—they're your most loyal followers. They spread the gospel, for sure,... More

Best Use of Obamaicon.me App: Food Porn

Blondie & Brownie Blondie & Brownie have some tips on optimizing your food porn images before they go through the Obamaicon.me generator that Paste magazine came up with. These would make good decorations for your inauguration party.... More

How Food Porn Is Like Real Porn

Rachael Ray poses for FHM in 2003. Barbara Nitke, an established porn still photographer since 1982, was interviewed by Frederick Kaufman for Harper’s magazine two years ago, but the piece just went online last week. The two sat down and watched food television, as Nitke pointed out the fundamental parallels between porn porn and gastroporn. You watch porn saying, Yes, I could do that. You dream that you’re there, but you know you couldn’t...That’s exactly the way the porn thing works. The sex, of course, is impossible to replicate. As she points out, you can hardly ever make the recipes match their gussied-up and perfect on-screen or printed siblings. Food Network is not ashamed of this fantasy either. According... More

A Food Porn Classic

Course by course, bite by bite, breadth by breadth, a zillion-course meal at L'Enclume just outside the Lake District in England. Tzatziki foam sounds OK to me. Of course, tzatziki itself is nothing I would travel for. If I told you the greatest tzatziki in the world was in, say, Chicago, would you be itching to get on a plane to head for the Windy City? I don't think so. [Via Megnut]... More

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Orange Blossom Meringue Kisses Originally uploaded by beurremanie. Join Serious Eats on Flickr, a popular and easy-to-use photo sharing site, and share your food photos with other Serious Eaters. Add us to your contacts and join the group! Flickr member Beurremarie posted this photo of Orange Blossom Meringue Kisses to the group. She blogs at Eddybles.com.... More

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