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The Cider Press: Tips for Pairing Fish and Cider

Like that old (and often incorrect) adage that fish always tastes best with white wine, people often assume that hard cider and fish (both light in body) are always going to be a natural match. It's sometimes true, but not all ciders are the same, and there are many, many kinds (and preparations) of fish in the sea. Here are a few tips for finding a delicious pairing. More

The Cider Press: Pairing Pizza and Hard Cider

Pizza has long been my trusty food companion, for evenings of celebration and all-night college cram sessions. And for every wood-fired D.O.C.-certified pie that I have savored, there have been five times as many I'm-broke-and-it-time-to-pay-the-rent $1 cheese slice dinners. But does my go-to last meal on earth marry well with cider, my go-to beverage for just about any occasion? They do work well together, but it takes a little planning. More

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