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Snapshots from the LongHouse Food Revival with Molly O'Neill in Austin

Based on the 19th century American Chautauqua movement, LongHouse Food Revivals are a series of annual gatherings of thought leaders across the United States organized and led by food writer Molly O'Neill. Last week, 150 food lovers gathered in Austin for a very special LongHouse Food Revival. Three cabritos (baby goats) were roasted over a live fire, craft brews and fine tequila flowed, new ideas were sparked, new bonds formed, and serious fun was had by all. More

Sandra Lee On Her Halloween Costumes, New Cookbook with 1,001 Recipes

In an interview with Popeater, semi-homemade enthusiast Sandra Lee talked about her special Halloween episode, which aired on Sunday, where she dressed in five different Renaissance-themed Halloween costumes. Wigs and armor included! As the proclaimed "Queen of Halloween," she felt inspired to go all out. "My costumes are amazing, you'll laugh so hard." She also plugged her new cookbook, Semi-Homemade The Complete Cookbook, an anniversary cookbook that pulls from her 14 seasons on Food Network. More

This Bites: Why Are Women Depicted Differently from Men in Food Photography?

I was at the New York Wine and Food Festival's Meatball Madness event last Thursday night when I was suddenly struck with the bizarreness of celebrity food paparazzi. I was part of the starstruck crowd gathered around Giada de Laurentiis's meatball stand, hoping for a glimpse of the Food Network star. She was there, looking (surprise) exactly like she does on her show, smiling with remarkable persistence. "Take a bite for us!" shouted a photographer jostling behind me. "Giada, can I have your balls?" cried someone else. More

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