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Serious Cheese: Macaroni and Cheese Product

"Many of the 'cheesiest' products in the supermarket are not made with real cheese." Photograph from srboisvert on Flickr When I was a kid, Kraft used to run a very memorable commercial for their boxed Macaroni and Cheese in which they marketed their product as "the cheesiest." In fact, it was so cheesy, the ad argued, it should be called "Kraft Cheese and Macaroni," as if the order of the components determined their relative importance. Well, Kraft's dirty little not-so-secret is that their boxed macaroni and cheese doesn't even contain real cheese but a sort of alchemical admixture of cheese's component parts: whey, milkfat, and milk protein concentrate. And now, if Sen. Darrel Aubertine's bill passes in the New York... More

Red Light On Food

Irish blogster Conor sounds angry about "nanny governments" putting traffic light icons on food packaging. Personally, I tend to agree, the diseased fetuses on cigarette packs are disgusting, but I'm not sure a traffic light on a Ding-Dong would keep me from tearing up the cellophane...... More

Washington Shocks Us Again

The FDA has amended its food labeling regulations to expand the umbrella of foods that may legally take the moniker "lean." The legalese refers specifically to that hard-to-qualify category of foods known as "mixed dishes not measurable with a cup." Ahem. Nestlé is behind the petition for change. Will Washington never cease to surprise us?... More

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