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Meet the Real Star of Your Favorite Food Travel Shows (It's Not the Host)

Jaya Saxena 11 comments

Never heard of a food fixer? Good—then they're doing their job right. Fixers are connected culinary experts who know a region or cuisine inside and out, and steer everyone from in-the-know tourists to TV personalities toward whatever it is they absolutely need to eat. We go behind the scenes with Kevin Cox, a Singapore-based fixer to find out exactly how one gets this dream job. More

Back Of The House: The Fascinating Work of a Historic Gastronomist

Jaya Saxena 8 comments

Historic gastronomists are like edible time travelers, using history to discover our past and illuminate our future eating habits. Just don't count on vanilla-flavored saltwater making a comeback. More

Back of the House: What Does a Food Stylist Do?

Jaya Saxena 13 comments

Think food stylists spend all day gluing sesame seeds to Styrofoam buns? Think again. We go behind the scenes with a professional food stylist to learn the tricks of the trade. More

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