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The Great Pea Controversy: Mushy or Snappy?

There's a very serious pea debate happening right now. Actually, it's been going on since, mmm, the beginning of time? Peas. The little green pebbles that roll around all over the plate, making your utensil go on a wild chase. (Yeah, the rolly part doesn't change whether mushy or snappy.) If you don't like them turning into army green moosh, you know to just barely blanch them, so they get warm but still maintain their snap. But then you have people like Francis Lam, food editor of Salon.com, leading the Mushy Pea movement. He points out that peas, by nature, are beans, which means we should cook them like beans "until they soften again and show off their creamy, complexly, maturely sweet selves." More

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