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Flushing, Queens, NY: First Look at New World Mall's Food Court

Opened just a few months ago, New World Mall's Food Court has become my new favorite Asian food place in Flushing, Queens. Take the escalator down to the basement level to find an impressive variety of Asian, largely Chinese, food offered; you can find almost all the regional Chinese cuisines, from Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles to Fuzhou fishball soups to Tianjin dumplings. More

What's Your Favorite Food Court Stop?

Over at Chowhound there's a great thread about favorite food court eats--like Hot Dog on a Stick, or Manchu Wok, or the now-defunct (but apparently once beloved) Hot Sam's Pretzels. I was always, always a Cinnabon girl, even after the day I realized they packed about half my daily recommended caloric value. Gooey cinnamon treats trump just about everything else in my book. In all honesty, if I were given a month to live, I would probably start every one of my remaining mornings with a Cinnabon. But there's a whole world out there of shiny, colorful food court booths. What's your favorite stop at the food court?... More

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