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Cooking with a Friend: Week One

I tossed out an idea to my friend and she bit: How about if we pool our resources, cooking together one day a week, taking home our individually packaged food to eat throughout the week? Here's how Week One went—and what it cost. More

Rising Popcorn Costs Increase Movie Ticket Prices

©iStockphoto.com/hidesy Are you sick of rising movie ticket prices? Do you hate getting ripped off for a bag of popcorn at the movie theater? Well, it's only going to get worse. Due to the increasing costs of popcorn, the price of movie tickets is expected to skyrocket by as much as 30 percent this year. Why is the price of popcorn going up? Reasons include the increasing demand for ethanol, the low yields of this year's popcorn crop, the rising cost in coconut oil for popping corn, and the increasing cost of producing paper popcorn tubs. Since "roughly 25 percent of the price of admission is subsidized by popcorn, soda, and candy sales," either snacks will get more expensive... More

Coupon Hacks: Combo-Moves for Cheaper Carts

Crissy Thompson of Gainesville, Georgia has turned saving on household and grocery shopping into something of an art form, often buying a week's worth of groceries for her family of five for. . . $10. Crissy's biggest score to date was at Target. Her total bill was over $380 and she paid 2 cents. Yes, 2 cents. How does she do it? Crissy's basic tips are after the jump. To really maximize savings, you'll want to apply these in combination for a combo-move. And I think it goes without saying, if you are saving on items you aren't going to use, you aren't really saving at all.... More

How to Reduce Your Food Costs in 60 Minutes a Week

Cheap Healthy Good is a blog about "making delicious eats at a reasonable cost," a topic I think we're all interested in these days, especially the "reasonable costs" part. A good place to dive into the wealth of tips and recipes on Cheap Healthy Good is Kris's recent post, The Hour: How 60 Minutes a Week Can Save Hundreds of Dollars on Food. What it boils down to is: 1. Scanning online circulars 2. Clipping and organizing coupons 3. Creating a menu for the week based on 1 and 2 4. Create a grocery list for the week If you're anything like me, the most intimidating part of this process is weekly menu planning, but there are some good suggestions... More

Pasta Strike in Italy

Italian consumers associations are asking their countrymen to boycott pasta today in a largely symbolic effort to draw attention to the rising costs of noodles. As is the case with most of these food-price stories these days, biofuel production is being blamed for the high cost of durum wheat, more of which is being diverted into ethanol-making. Says the BBC: "Pasta is a national dish in Italy, with each Italian eating on average 28 kg (62 lb) of pasta every year." And perhaps the most apt analogy was the one I just heard on BBC World Service radio: "An Italian without pasta is like an American without hamburgers." Photograph from iStockphoto.com... More

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