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First Look: My Sweet Lil Cakes, Seattle

Sweets Jay Friedman Post a comment

She's passionate about food and proud of her Puerto Rican lineage. He's passionate about people and a former concierge at some of Seattle's finest hotels. Together, Sheena Lee Fuson and Jesse Lee Marshall make a cute couple, dressing as soda jerks and selling sweet (and savory) pancakes on sticks out of a tangerine-colored mobile kitchen. More

Hangover Helper: Happy Accidents at Yolk in Portland, OR

Drinks Adam Lindsley 4 comments

After a night of throwing caution to the wind, why not do the same the next morning by heading to egg-centric food cart Yolk and ordering the chef's-choice, anything-goes, never-the-same-thing-twice breakfast sandwich, the Happy Accidents? Picky eaters, vegetarians, and those with dietary restrictions need not apply. More

Sugar Rush: Blowtorched Creme Brulee Beignets at Donut-o-Rama in Portland, OR

Sweets Maggie Hoffman 3 comments

It's a bit daring to open a doughnut cart mere steps from Portland's touristy hotspot Voodoo Doughnuts, but Greg Slauson had a vision. And we're not certain we've seen so much blowtorching in a food cart anywhere. More

Hangover Helper: Rip City Romance Tater Tots from Timber's Doghouse PDX in Portland, OR

Drinks Adam Lindsley 1 comment

The egg is often called upon to bridge the gap between breakfast and an entree from either of the other two meals of the day, but drape it over a pile of tater tots, cheese, onions, hot sauce, and jalapeños and you've got one bang-up hangover cure. More

Hangover Helper: Egg Zeppelin at Fried Egg I'm in Love in Portland, OR

Drinks Adam Lindsley 3 comments

1970s rock gods Jimmy Page and Robert Plant embodied one characteristic above all else: excess. And the aptly named Egg Zeppelin ($8) at the Fried Egg I'm in Love (sensing a pattern here?) food cart on SE Hawthorne in Portland mirrors its namesake's penchant for overkill with a fat, salty, spicy stack of eggs, sausage, cheese, and hot sauce designed to transform your groans of agony into sighs of delight. More

Portland, OR: Marginal Thumbs-Up for Lardo's Double Burger, Big Thumbs-Up for the Fries

A Hamburger Today Adam Lindsley 7 comments

One of Portland's best food carts, Lardo puts out some of the tastiest (and, it should be noted, saltiest) sandwiches in the city. Having sampled a number of these over the past few months, I had to know if owner Rick Gencarelli's Double Burger, at a mere eight bucks, could qualify as one of Portland's best burger deals. The answer depends on how high your standards have been set. More

Off the Grid: San Francisco's Expanding Mobile Food Market

Christine Tsai 8 comments

Off the Grid, San Francisco's mobile food truck market, has expanded in its second year to ten weekly events in nine locations (including San Mateo and Berkeley), six days a week. Check out photos of all 23 foods we tried from the market. And if you find yourself in the Bay Area September 10th or 17th, you can catch the final two weeks of Off the Grid's extra-special event at Golden Gate Fields for the largest gathering of mobile food trucks in Northern California. More

Lunch Today: Tripe Stew with Daikon from Grand Street Food Cart

New York Shell Tu 5 comments

Located on Grand Street between Bowery and Chrystie, this nameless food cart features a good variety of classic Hong Kong eats, from curry fishballs to rice noodle rolls. More

Hangover Helper: The "Kick Flip" at Pig Vicious, Austin

Drinks Carey Jones 2 comments

I suppose the "Kick Flip" at Austin's Pig Vicious cart is a quesadilla, but it's different (and overstuffed) enough to count as something different. Scrambled eggs and bits of thick, chewy bacon, with jalapeño for heat, guacamole for smooth substance, and just enough of a ranch-like dressing to bind it together, not make it taste ranch-like at all. More

A Sandwich A Day: The 'Phyllis' at The Local Yolk in Austin, TX

A Sandwich a Day Carey Jones 7 comments

Avocado and cream cheese had never occured to me as elements of an egg sandwich, but now that I've had it I'm a huge fan. At Austin's The Local Yolk cart, the "Phyllis" ($7) stacks those ingredients in precise, even layers—a slim fried egg that's just barely set in the middle, buttery, even slices of avocado, and a substantial layer of cream cheese—between slices of white bread that gets a great crunch to counter the soft middle. More

A Sandwich a Day: Cheesesteak at Kwik Meal

New York Carey Jones 3 comments

While I'm skeptical of many cross-cultural dish mashups, the Cheesesteak Pita ($6) at Midtown cart Kwik Meal is an excellent, excellent thing. More

Street Food: Solber Pupusas

New York Madison Priest 2 comments

If this were a competition, the pork, cheese, and jalapeno pupusa would definitely win. More

Street Food: The Treats Truck

New York Madison Priest 12 comments

[Photos: Robyn Lee] Kim Ima, owner, driver, and primary seller of the Treats Truck, is a one-woman bake sale. The display windows of her stout white truck, which she has named Sugar, are packed with all the cookies, brownies,... More

Street Food: Kim's Aunt Kitchen Cart

New York Madison Priest 6 comments

Editor's note: Here's SE contributor Madison Priest, who'll be checking in each week with a look at one of New York's street carts. This week, an old (in street food years) favorite: Kim's Aunt. Kim's Aunt Kitchen Cart is the... More

Dear SENY: 'Help Me Find This Street Vendor!'

New York Erin Zimmer 2 comments

[Photograph: Street Sweets] Dear SENY,I am looking for a street vendor who bakes and sells moon pies from the truck. We encountered him on Columbus Avenue on the way to the balloon blow-up for the Thanksgiving Day Parade. We... More

Sugar Rush: Blue Marble at Governors Island

New York Kathy YL Chan 1 comment

If you plan to head over to Governors Island before the weather turns cold, hold off on packing dessert for your picnic because Blue Marble Ice Cream recently set up an mobile ice cream cart on the island—right in... More

First Look: Bar Breton's Ice Cream Cart

New York Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

Bar Breton's ice cream cart made its debut this morning—and I don't know about you, but I was pretty darn excited. We have ice cream carts all over Brooklyn, Tribeca, and Soho, but not one in the lower Midtown... More

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