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Edith Zimmerman's Food Art Blog

Edith Zimmerman creates whimsical little sculptures from food. My favorites: Are You There God? It's Me, Mantis, Mrs. Clementine, with Child, Alien Autopsy (an apple with a pecan for a brain), and Nosferatu.... More

New 'Cupcake Wars' Show from Food Network?

Photograph by Robyn Lee The blog TV Tango thinks it has found evidence of an upcoming cupcake-themed show from the Food Network: About 10 days ago, Food Network filed a trademark application to protect 'Cupcake Wars' for "a continuing program about food and cooking." I can't find any other details about the show and my requests to Food Network for more information went unanswered. Wouldn't it be awesome if Food Network and The Post teamed up to do a "Cupcake War" series with each episode focusing on a different region? Manhattan one week, Chicago the next, then LA, and Orange County and on and on. Of course, just filing a trademark application doesn't guarantee that the Food Network will... More

Melon Carving from the Melounovy Festival

Pumpkin carving? So three months ago. Get with the program. All the cool kids have moved on to melons now. The Melounovy Festival in the Czech Republic seems to be ground zero for the artform. Get your knives sharpened. Preliminaries will be held July 31 and August 1. [via Boing Boing]... More

The Year That Was: Food as Other Stuff

More in The Year That Was. Video game characters bento box from Anna The Red Food that looked like other stuff turned out to be a theme of 2008 on Serious Eats and on other blogs. Plain loaves and rolls were apparently boring. Baked goods with more interesting shapes, like piggies, bunnies, lobsters, and mummies ruled the day. Similarly, people transformed plain cupcakes into popcorn, poodles, nursery rhymes, and corn on the cob. Bento boxes were everywhere, getting facelifts as popular album covers, video game characters, and Sanrio characters.... More

Delft Pattern Toast

Delft porcelain pattern toasted onto a sandwich, from the Rotterdam, Netherlands, design studio Minale Maeda. Table Manners [Minale Maeda]... More

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