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Meet & Eat: Gail Simmons

"There is nothing I truly won't eat, but a few foods I prefer not to eat if given the choice. Veal is one of them. I will not refuse to eat it if someone cooks it for me but will never choose to buy or order it. It just does not appeal at all. And black beans. I have a strange aversion to them. A black bean soup made me sick once when I was younger. Oh, and I despise root beer. It makes my skin crawl." More

Food & Wine: 50 Wines You Can Always Trust

From the April issue, Food & Wine's 50 Wines You Can Always Trust is a list of wines readily available nationwide, tasty, and $20 or under a bottle. Our favorites from the list: Geyser Peak California Sauvignon Blanc ($12) Hogue Cellars Columbia Valley Riesling ($7) Rancho Zabaco Heritage Vines Zinfandel ($17) Penfolds Koonunga Hill Cabernet Sauvignon ($12) Trapiche Oak Cast Malbec ($10), E. Guigal Côtes-Du-Rhône Rouge ($12) Louis Jadot Macôn-Villages ($13) Paul Jaboulet Aîné Côtes-Du-Rhône Parallèle "45" ($12) M. Chapoutier Côtes-Du-Rhône Belleruche Rouge ($11) Ruffino Chianti ($10) Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut ($10)... More

Paris food picks from someone who knows

In this month's Food & Wine Anya Von Bremzen interviewed Francois Simon, Le Figaro's Grand Reporter, who according to Vom Bremzen is a "provocateur who uses his whimsically poisonous prose to shake up the ossified world of French haute cuisine, and the ferocious expense and acrid snobbery that goes with it." My friend Steingarten knows and respects Simon very much, so I tend to trust his judgment as well. Here are a few of his picks: Gaya: 44 rue du Bac, 7th Arr.: 011-33-1-45-44-73-73: Three star chef's inventive, casual new fish restaurant. Le Bistrot Paul Bert: 18 Rue Paul Bert, 11th Arr.: 011-33-1-43-72-24-01. Great insider's bistro. Bakery: Boulangerie Julien (75 Rue St. Honore, 1st Arr., 011-33-1-42-36-24-83. Baguettes and croissants. For... More

Hong Kong Restaurants for Betsy and Barry

My friends Barry and Betsy e-mailed me yesterday looking for one great restaurant in Hong Kong. Food & Wine's website had two really useful pieces on Hong Kong food. Here are three choices from the two stories Victoria City Seafood Restaurant Carrianna Dynasty Restaurant in the Rennaissance Harbour View Hotel Hope this helps. Any other suggestions from the Serious Eats community?... More

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