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Video: Rooftop Farms in China

I'm a big fan of rooftop films and have made a point of sharing them in videos in order to share what rooftop amazingness is possible. It may be old hat in America, but in China, where food scares and the dangers of pesticides and pollution are only beginning to show their true colors, the new farming movement is just blossoming. More

Science and Food Links

Science and food links from around the web! Were chickpeas responsible for the rise of a human empire? Cultivated chickpeas had more than three times as much tryptophan as their wild cousins. Increased amounts of tryptophan in the diet can improve performance under stress and also promote ovulation, handy advantages when you're taking over the world. An In-depth scientific explanation of why we develop food allergies. Duda Farm Fresh Foods has engineered celery to grow with hollow stalks, thus celery straws. MIT Technology Review's two-parter, "The Alchemist" (part 1, part 2) goes deep with Grant Achatz and Alinea: The highest and most expensive forms of cooking have always involved the latest kitchen technology. But seldom has technology worked to bring... More

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