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Bacon Script

We know the bacon trend is a little passe, but when we saw this font made with actual bacon, we were admittedly curious. The letters are elaborately designed by Henry Hargreaves and Sarah Guido, who made each from actual slabs of the porky stuff. So maybe it won't replace Times New Roman, but the possibilities are endless. Bacon font holiday cards anyone? More

Video: Edible and Drinkable Typography

As part of the fifth Typophile Film Festival, crafty BYU design students created this video about the five senses. Around 1:20 they get to arguably the best one: taste. Letters sizzle in oil, others are formed from a fruit punch-resembling liquid, and probably the coolest of all are the bouncy, jiggly ones spelling T-A-S-T-E. The short video, after the jump.... More

Pancake Font

What will you do today? Will it be as awesome as making your very own pancake font? What I want to know is who was lucky enough to eat the typographic samples after the photo shoot? If anyone wants to create a cupcake font, I'm available for cleanup duty. [via deleteyourself.] Related In Videos: Creating a 'Font' From Food Buttermilk in pancakes? [Talk] Pancakes Mountain T-Shirt, Plus Other Pancake Outerwear... More

In Videos: Creating a 'Font' From Food

The folks in the video here have created a "font" called EatStreet out of different foods. I put "font" in quotes because at least one of our readers cough, cough...Norman...cough will come here and tell us that this is not truly a "font" but lettering. The "font" is available, free, here. Video, after the jump.... More

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