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Chicago Pizza: Floriole Cafe & Bakery Pizza

Slice Nick Kindelsperger 5 comments

First and foremost, Floriole is a bakery. In fact, it just might be one of the best in the city. So it makes sense that at the soul of each pizzetta is a remarkable crust that is crackly on the outside, chewy underneath, and sturdy throughout. And if you adore the sort of developed bread-like crust pioneered at Great Lake, then you'll understand immediately why this means so much. More

8 Asparagus Dishes We Love in Chicago

Chicago Huge Galdones 6 comments

For much of the culinary world, spring is synonymous with menu changes, and nothing signals this more than the arrival of one certain vegetable: asparagus. Whether its served raw, grilled, or puréed, freshly harvested asparagus truly is one of the signs that winter is gone and warmer weather is finally here to stay. Check out eight of our favorite asparagus dishes from around Chicago. More

8 Breakfast Pastries We Love in Chicago

Chicago Kate Bernot 7 comments

Not to deal in binaries, but there are basically two types of people when it comes to breakfast. First, the ascetic health nuts who live on non-dairy smoothies and fiber bars; second, the folks who wolf down a Denny's Grand Slam with a side of extra bacon. Breakfast pastries are the overlooked, sane middle ground. More

Nick's 8 Best Bites in Chicago From 2011

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 1 comment

It didn't matter where I looked in Chicago this year, I could always find something truly delicious. Some weeks it was about a little taqueria with killer tripe tacos (La Chaparitta), while others it was a restaurant recreating fine dining in Paris circa 1906 (Next). More

Christmas Foods From Around the World (In Chicago)

Chicago Carly Fisher 5 comments

Spend the snowbound holiday filling up on these six Christmas dishes from around the world (in the convenience of Chicago), including a traditional Swedish mulled wine, a decorative French yule log, and the lesser known Filipino mochi. More

A Sandwich a Day: The B.A.D. from Floriole Cafe & Bakery

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger Post a comment

"Bad" is sort of the last word you'd ever expect to be associated with Floriole Cafe and Bakery—a place much more known for sugar, spice and everything nice in Lincoln Park. That it all combines to make this satisfying sandwich isn't so surprising (this is Floriole, after all), but what makes the sandwich so bewildering is just how unexpected it all is. More

Meet the Maker of Floriole's Ham and Cheese Croissant

Chicago Johnny Auer 2 comments

You may not consider how much time and careful attention was paid to the croissant when you eat it, but Sandra Holl at Floriole Bakery sure does. From start to finish, her ham and cheese croissants take almost a full twenty-four hours to be made. More

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