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Your New Christmas Cocktail: Matt Poli's A-go Flip

Drinks Lizz Schumer Post a comment

The A-go Flip is what would happen if eggnog left the farm for the big city, then came back for a family gathering, bringing a few tricks up its sleeve. More

A-go Flip

Serious Eats Lizz Schumer 5 comments

The A-go Flip, conceived by Matt Poli of The Publican in Chicago, is a deep and complex riff on classic eggnog. With rum and rich PX sherry as a base, it has the creamy feel we all know and love, with flavors that will make even non-noggers take notice. More

Drinking in Season: Blood Orange Flip

Serious Eats Kelly Carámbula 6 comments

Lately one of my favorite ways to use blood orange juice is with whiskey. Both ingredients have a certain amount of sweetness, but the citrusy sourness of the blood orange helps liven up the richness of whiskey. Looking to add a little depth to the cocktail, I added a hint of honey syrup. More

Great Pumpkin

Serious Eats The Serious Eats Team 1 comment

This creamy, pumpkiny cocktail from Jim Meehan of PDT captures rich fall flavors. Be sure to shake for a long time for a good foam, and don't skip the freshly grated nutmeg. More

The Errol Flip

Serious Eats Carrie Vasios Mullins Post a comment

A coffee stout and whiskey flip from Adrian Biggs of Descarga in Los Angeles. More

Cocktail 101: How to Use Eggs in Cocktails, Part 1

Drinks Michael Dietsch 6 comments

You ever flip for a fizz? Are you sweet on sours? Eggnog aside, the cocktail world has three classes of drinks that traditionally call for the use of eggs, used either whole or in part. This week and next, we'll look at how to use eggs in cocktail making. We'll start, today, with a look at egg safety and the dreaded salmonella. More

Buttermilk Maple Gin Flip

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 15 comments

I often find myself with a half quart or so of leftover buttermilk in my fridge from various cooking projects, like pancakes or homemade crème fraîche, and I could never really figure out what to do with it until now: a Buttermilk Gin Flip. More

The 'New York Times' Searches for the Perfect Burger

A Hamburger Today Nick Solares 1 comment

Clockwise from top: Flip, City Burger, Black Iron The New York Times' Oliver Schwaner-Albright weighs in on three burgers for under $25 in New York City, two that use beef from Pat La Frieda—Flip and City Burger—and one—Black Iron... More

Grand Opening of Flip, a New Burger Joint in the Manhattan Bloomingdale's

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 17 comments

Today, upscale build-your-own burger joint Flip opened its first location in Bloomingdale's flagship store in New York City. Three of us Serious Eaters headed to Midtown East during our lunch break to bring you a quick look at their... More

La Frieda Closely Shadowed By The Feedbag, Coming to Bloomingdale's

A Hamburger Today Nick Solares Post a comment

Josh "Mister Cutlets" Ozersky is on a roll (or should that be a bun?). Hot on the heels of his tip about City Burger selling the vaunted La Frieda Black Label, he now reports that "Flip (no relation to Richard... More

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