'flavor intensifiers' on Serious Eats

Ed Levine's Serious Diet: Week 6, Are Flavor Intensifiers One of the Keys to Losing Weight?

I'm a flavor junkie. I don't like muted, subtle flavors. I like rock 'em, sock 'em, kick-you-in-the-head flavors. Foods like bacon, aged cheese, aged steak, cheeseburgers, and sausage pizza make my heart sing and my stomach satisfied. But it doesn't take a diet guru to look at the aforementioned list and see red flags everywhere. This week I have started figuring out how to make long, deep flavors work for me on my diet. I now lead the nation in grater use. I grate terrific, full-fat, aged cheese every day and use it judiciously on just about everything, and I think it's gonna work for me when I get on the scale. I have discovered Oscar Mayer real bacon bits... More

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