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A Sandwich a Day: Salmon Pastrami at Tanglewood Supreme in Seattle

The salmon pastrami comes on a Macrina Bakery rye pretzel roll, its caramelized top sprinkled with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, and some salt. The body of the roll is slightly chewy and tasty without overwhelming the salmon. Like lox but with texture you can really sink your teeth into, the salmon is savory and yet slightly sweet, with a bit of brininess spreading in the mouth and smokiness hitting the nose. More

A Sandwich A Day: Balık Ekmek in Istanbul

One of my favorite things about eating in Istanbul is the preponderance of cheap, awesome seafood. (Apparently, mid-November is a great time for fish-eating. I am happy to time all of my vacations around fish-eating from now on.) And the easiest way to eat said fish is from a street stand—just about every one selling balik ekmek (translating literally to "fish bread": a simple fish sandwich.) More

A Sandwich a Day: The Overboard from Ippolito's Fish Market in Philadelphia

Ippolito's is a neighborhood South Philly fish market (that also supplies a lot of restaurants) not too far from where I live. I've stopped in to pick up fish to cook for dinner numerous times but hadn't tried any of their sandwiches until recently. I expected them to be pretty good, and at least 10 times fresher than the sketchy corner store fish hoagies I like to write about—but this thing was incredible. More

Fast-Food Fried Fish Sandwiches: Popeyes vs. Burger King vs. McDonald's vs. Wendy's

McDonald's introduced the Filet-O-Fish 50 years ago, when it was much more common for Roman Catholics to forgo meat on Fridays year-round; most other chains have followed with similar token fish gestures. I understand why one would order this stuff for religious or cultural reasons, but as a fast-food free agent, I've never been tempted to stray from beef and chicken sandwiches. But it's my duty to break down the strengths, weaknesses, and tartar sauces of the four leading national fast-fried fishwiches. More

A Sandwich a Day: Grilled Fish at Bear Flag Fish in Newport Beach, CA

Bear Flag Fish will likely be packed when you walk in. It feels like the majority of the room just went surfing or is about to. With the California flag as its logo, BFF is part fish market, part chill fast-casual with communal tables. Fish tacos are the obvious order at this breezy hangout on Newport's Balboa Peninsula, and deservedly so, but the sandwiches shouldn't be overlooked. More

A Sandwich a Day: Captain Hook at Holsteins in Las Vegas

Part burger, part Filet-o-Fish, with a bagel and lox thrown in for good measure, the Captain Hook ($15.50) at Holsteins in Las Vegas is one hulking hybrid of a sandwich. Grilled Atlantic salmon (best ordered medium rare for ultimate buttery richness), dressed with crisp frisée, tangy pickled shallots, and a creamy caper-herb mayonnaise that's just this side of tartar sauce, in all the right ways. In Vegas, more is always better, so the salmon fillet is then topped with a really generous slab of house-cured gravlax. More

A Sandwich a Day: The Norvegian from Macaron Cafe

A sandwich filled with smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, and herbs. A classic combination done right, the salmon was fresh and not overwhelmed by the herby cream cheese, and the capers added a briny bite but not enough to turn off the caper-averse. The Filone bread, as thick-sliced as it looks, was extremely light and airy—which allowed for the delicious ingredients to really shine. More

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