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Video: Betty White's Muffin Skit on SNL

The consensus seems to be that Betty White rocked it on Saturday Night Live over the weekend (the show had the best ratings it's had since late 2008). One of the highlights had to be the resurrection of The Delicious Dish, a Splendid Table-spoofing segment with radio personalities Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer, which hasn't been on SNL since the early 2000s! White plays Florence Dusty, "a little bit of a rock star of the confectionery world," who appears on the show with a platter of her famous muffins. Naturally, it's full of mildly raunchy muffin innuendos. "If there's one thing I'm known for, it's my muffin," says White. More

Misleading Fiber Claims on Food Products Explained

Fiber One Yogurt Jacob Gershman of Slate looks into misleading fiber claims found on cereal and yogurt packages. He explains that there are two kinds of fibers: dietary (found naturally occurring in plants) and functional. The added fiber found in most food products are functional, like polydextrose and inulin. Since FDA-approved food labels don't distinguish between dietary and functional fiber, the polydextrose found in a box of Cocoa Pebbles may be labeled as a dietary fiber even though it's not the same thing: ...Nobody knows if these fiber additives possess the same health benefits as natural fiber found in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. [...] Even when it comes to the natural, wholesome stuff, like oats and kidney beans, nutritionists... More

New Splenda Packaging Boasts Fiber Content

Splenda always contained maltodextrin, which is considered a soluble fiber, but according to Food-Notes, now the pale yellow packets are really pushing the fiber presence. New boxes read: "1 gram of fiber per packet." Whether a chemical formula tweak, or just an advertising strategy to court the fiber fiends, Splenda wants to aid in your digestion.... More

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