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Culinary Ambassadors: Serious Oktoberfest Eats

Culinary Ambassador ManuelSteiner: "When, 200 years ago, a Bavarian king held a luscious wedding, little did he know he would start a tradition that is one of Germany's biggest tourist attractions — the Oktoberfest. Today, it is less about royalty and more about, let's face it, beer. But even the hardiest German or most experienced fest tourist will need something to go with the specially brewed (and slightly stronger) festival beer. So if you want to build a solid foundation in your stomach, or if you want to be prepared for when the inebriated cravings set it, here is a quick run-down of what is and what may not be worth eating at the Munich Oktoberfest...." More

Culinary Ambassadors: Festival Food in Japan

What is a bread-snatching race? Not exactly a festival food, but I'm curious if other cultures have similar games, so I've submitted it to the Culinary Ambassadors series. While I am not a fast runner, I was somehow very good at this race as a kid. Give me food, I run faster. How it works: You run up to a bar that's dangling breads, bite the bread off the string, and finish running while still holding bread in your mouth. More

Festival Food in Australia: Dagwood Dogs

In the part of Australia that I lived in for most of my life we had very few "festivals" as such. What we did have, though, was the Royal Show. Every year the Royal Show tours Australia, stopping at untold amounts of places along the way. One of, if not the, most common foods at the Royal Show was the Dagwood Dog, also known as the Pluto Pup. Essentially just a hot dog on a stick, dipped in batter then deep-fried, this is an absolute thing of beauty. More

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