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New Site Feature: Favoriting

We're excited to launch a new site feature today: favoriting. You can now add any blog post, recipe, talk topic, or Photograzing photo to your favorites by clicking "Favorite this!" Your favorites are saved to the "favorites" tab on your profile page so you can easily find them again. Think of it as your virtual Serious Eats recipe box. If you don't see "Favorite this!" next to an item you'd like to favorite, don't fret, it's coming! We'll be rolling this out across all the Serious Eats blogs over the course of the day. You'll need to be signed in to your Serious Eats account to save your favorites. If you don't have a Serious Eats account yet, go ahead... More

What's your favorite Thanksgiving food?

I really want to know. As most of you probably know, mine is pie. But I recognize that others may feel differently. In a nod to my friends at Eater, I am establishing a morning line on which food will be voted ELE readers' favorite: Pie: 2-1 Stuffing: 3-1 Mashed Potatoes: 3-1 Turkey and Gravy: 5-1 Cranberry Sauce: 8-1 Sweet Potatoes: 10-1 Green Vegetables: 500-1 So vote for one of the following: Turkey and Gravy: Stuffing: Stuffing runs a close second to pie for me. What's not to like about stuffing? What other food can so easily contain bread, butter, and sausage in every bite? Cranberry Sauce or Cranberry Conserve to fancy-pants Foodies Sweet Potatoes: I make mine with maple... More

Pies Across America: Who makes the best?

What's the best piece of pie you've ever eaten? Karen Barker, pastry chef and co-owner of the Magnolia Grill, 1002 Ninth Street, 919-286-3609, Durham, NC), makes the best pies I've ever eaten. Karen made all the pies for a pie breakfast at a Barbecue Conference I went to a few years ago In Oxford, Mississippi, and I'm afraid I singlehandedly decimated her supply of pies. She wrote a terrific cookbook a few years ago, and tomorrow or the next day I will put her pie recipe up on Ed Levine Eats. In New York, as I mentioned yesterday, my two favorite pie bakers are Two Little Red Hens (1112 8th Ave. (11th St.), Park Slope, 718-499-8108, 1652 2nd Ave.... More

An All-Pie Thanksgiving Revisited

WHERE ARE YOU GETTING YOUR THANKSGIVING PIES THIS YEAR? I once wrote a piece for the New York Observer advocating the nation skip the turkey, stuffing, and sweet potatoes, and opt for an all pie Thanksgiving meal. A meal consisting... More

What's Your Favorite Food Glossy?

Food Glossies Trumped by a "T" I'm a compulsive reader of the food glossies: Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, and Saveur. Aren't you? Each has its virtues, though I can't say that any one of them really speaks to me. I like Gourmet's food politics stories and some of its writers (Jane and Michael Stern, John T. Edge, Calvin Trillin), but I don't share Ruth Reichl's enthusiasm for hiring as many novelists as she can to write stories for her. I used to look forward to reading Pete Wells' column in Food & Wine, but now that he's gone I'm sure I'm going to find Food & Wine's penchant for celebritizing everything (It's the In Style of food magazines)... More

Top UWS Neighborhood Bites

For years we Upper West Siders have lamented that there's no place to eat around in their neighborhood. So when I sat down to list my favorite places on the UWS to grab a reasonably priced meal (main courses less... More

Top 5 Chinese Spare Ribs

Is there anything better on this earth than the Chinese-style spare ribs that many of us grew up on? I don't think so. The good ones are tender, porky, and just sweet enough. The late Jerry Nachtman once wrote... More

Napa Choices

Mimi Sheraton had an update on Napa dining a couple of months ago in the Times. She mentioned the obvious choices, Bouchon French Laundry, but I wished she had focuses on more casual dining: Here are my choices for eating in Napa: Terra: 1345 Railroad Ave., St. Helena, Ca. 707-963-8931 Intelligent, graceful, and very tasty California cooking with Asian influences served in a relaxed, low-key setting by chef Hiro Sone and his pastry chef wife Lissa Doumani. Taylor's Refresher: An institution that features excellent burgers (including a very fine Tuna version), shakes, and fries. Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen, 1327 Railroad Avenue, St. Helena, 707-963-1200.... More

Top Chinatown Bites, Part 1

Soup dumplings from Goodies I have to say that I've been disappointed by my last few forays to Chinatown, both for dim sum and regular meals. That said, when I started to think about where I would send friends... More

The Best Bagel in New York City

Yes, Absolute Bagels (2788 Broadway, New York NY 10025; 212-932-2052) is my choice for New York's best bagel. A Thai family–run bakery, Absolute's bagels are chewy, crunchy, and, blessedly, not too sweet. They also do not suffer from bagel elephantiasis,... More

NY's Five Best Pies

With local berries and stone fruit appearing at farmer's markets all over the tri-state area, a man's attention turns to pie. Real pie, doublecrusted pie, the crust made with some combination of shortening, lard, and butter. The mark of a... More

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