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A Pizza My Mind: Fast Casual Pizza

Slice Kelly Bone 19 comments

Love it or hate it, the fast casual / quick service / Chiptole-ization of pizza is here to stay. The novelty of lining up and specifying topping via a Chiptole / Subway / Pinkberry / Panera assembly line isn't wearing off... it's popping up across the country. More

Reality Check: Hatch Chile Burger at Fuddruckers

A Hamburger Today Erin Jackson 25 comments

Fuddruckers recently debuted a spicy new offering: Hatch Chile Burgers, featuring a fresh, never frozen, beef patty topped with pepper jack cheese and grilled Hatch chiles. Judging from my experience, I hope your local Fuddruckers is more reliable than mine. More

Forbes Calls Smashburger America's Most Promising Company

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 1 comment

Denver-based fast casual chain Smashburger earned the number one spot in Forbes' list of America's 100 Most Promising Companies released last month. No other burger chain made the list. Forbes' feature on Smashburger mentions Smashburger's plans to open in the Middle East, Canada, the UK, East Asia, and South America. More

We Tried Everything at Chipotle's New ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen in D.C.

Abbey Becker 23 comments

There's been a lot of buzz around town surrounding the opening of Chipotle's new Southeast Asia-inspired ShopHouse, despite the company's best efforts to keep it under wraps. While it's still unclear as to why CEO Steve Ells would open the first (and only planned) location here in D.C., residents seem to be pretty pleased about it. I put my math-minded friend in charge of ordering to make sure we got every ingredient in every category in at least one bowl and banh mi. More

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