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Must-Have Pizza Fashion

[Via: lolmart.com] It's incredible that no one has thought of this before! We have the genius (Tyrel) at terrodactyls.com to thank for subverting the iconography of the food pyramid. Viva la pizza! Buy one before the USDA shuts down this website.... More

How to Look Like an Alcoholic Kangaroo

I'd like to see someone wear this to a job interview. Or a first date. Or anywhere, really. Think of all the things your hands can do while this bottle sits in its cozy, pouchy home. When I showed this to a guy friend, an email chain sparked among his friends: "We should all get matching ones! Nothing un-manly about that!" The Miller High Life Beer Pouch hoodie is $38.99 for sizes S-XL, and $40.99 for XXL. [via Al Dente]... More

Restaurant Shirts Are the New Concert Tee

A few weeks ago, I was flying home from a food work-cation in New Orleans and Joan Jett was on my plane. I have to admit it was kind of exciting. I remember seeing Jett open for Aerosmith when I was in junior high—a pretty awesome concert from what I remember—and naturally I bought an Aerosmith shirt and wore it proudly to school the next day. It cost somewhere between $15 and $20 but was a required souvenir, mostly to ensure that everyone at Southwood Middle School knew I had seen Aerosmith and Joan Jett the night before. Walking through the halls, others were sporting the same shirt and we all felt a kinship, sometimes solidified with a nod... More

Literally, a Tea-Shirt

Do you ever glance at a tea bag and think, shoot, I wish I could look more like you? Here's your chance. Genius designer Meryl Smith stained a sheer-looking tee with tea leaves and even made a Lipton-reminiscent label with her name on it. Looks a bit heavy with all those leaves hanging at the bottom, but a small price to pay to moonlight as a tea bag. [via Super Punch]... More

Bringing Breakfast to the Streets: Kellogg's Cereal Streetwear

Snap, Crackle, Flop Now you can proclaim your love for Tony the Tiger and still maintain your street cred! New clothing line Under the Hood has got your back with its Kellogg's-brand cereal urban streetwear. Check out the "Dig 'Em" Honey Smacks jeans (I'm not even going to get into how they're... pants... called "Honey Smacks"), or the track jackets emblazoned with Snap, Crackle, and Pop, or the Toucan Sam hoodies. And just like all overpriced urban streetwear, most of it will cost you a pretty Benjamin to snag one for yourself. But hey, if you love your Frosted Flakes, I'm sure they're grrreat! [via Gawker]... More

Photo of the Day: Donut Tree

A tree that grows donuts and baked foods? Have all my wildest dreams finally come true? ...Alas, it's just a backdrop in Japanese clothing label Candystripper's photo shoot of their 2007 winter collection. After looking at the series, I crave donuts more than clothing. [via Fops and Dandies]... More

A Pie Chart of Pies

Internet T-shirt manufacturer extraordinaire Threadless just released a new batch of designs today, and my favorite of the lot is Pie Chart by Graham Dobson, a stylish pie chart of pies. I love pies, pie charts, and recursive humor, so this shirt is a trifecta of awesomeness for me. $15 for a regular shirt, $17 for a girlie tee. Previously: Tasty Fast Food T-Shirts From Threadless... More

Tasty Fast Food T-Shirts From Threadless

The two shirt designs above are the winners of the recent Fast Food Nation contest over at internet t-shirt manufacturer extraordinaire Threadless; the blue shirt's Fast Food Meal by Diego Soares, the red ones Inside You by Matt Palmer. Both are $15/men and $17/women, plus Inside You's also available as a $40 hoodie, if you're so inclined. All of us at Serious Eats approve of wearing what our bellies desire on our chests, so please let us know where to get other awesome food-emblazoned clothing in the comments or via email. Our wardrobes thank you in advance.... More

The Fashion Week Food Diaries

New York Magazine "asked four members of the fashion community— two models, an editor, and a show producer—to track their intake during the frenzy" of NYC's Spring Fashion week and the results were compiled into the Fashion Week Food Diaries. Granted, the female model they chose to keep a diary is 21 and American and most of the alarmingly thin models of today are teenagers from the most impoverished parts of Eastern Europe, but it's still pretty telling that she had more to eat in one or two meals than the fashion editor ate in the entirety of her diary-keeping. Something to think about the next time you have a discussion about food, eating disorders, body image and the culpability... More

Cookie Sandwich Pouch

Fred Flare's got this adorable little cookie sandwich pouch for $12, just the thing for you or someone you love (hint, hint) to keep makeup or snacks in, and so cute you'll be tempted to eat it despite the whole felt not being edible thing.... More

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