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The Irish Cheese Revolution: 6 Irish Farmstead Cheeses You Should Know

Irish cheeses are defined by erratic weather and wild landscapes. With no rulebooks and a history of tiny farms doing their own thing, the Irish cheese landscape is one of small volume, seasonal products, and funky finds. This makes discovering Irish cheese a particularly rewarding endeavor for cheese lovers. Here are 6 farmstead cheeses to look out for. More

Video: A Community Garden for Refugees in Atlanta

When traveling through Atlanta, The Perennial Plate stopped at a very diverse community garden called the Jolly Avenue Community Garden run by the Friends of Refugees. The collaborative garden allows refugee members to grow their own food and till their own land. You'll find vegetable patches of Iraqis, Burmese, Nepalese and many others, including a lovely Bhutanese family that shared their story and a home cooked meal with us. More

Video: Moonshine and Molasses in North Carolina

John McEntire is the only person in the world, as far as he knows, that grows Crooked Creek Corn, a once common crop in the southeast. While at his North Carolina farm, John shared stories about his heirloom corn and the moonshine it can produce, as well as a drink made from sorghum. More

Video: Tour of Star Gazing Farm, Maryland

This episode of Perennial Plate is about the very compassionate Anne Shroeder of Star Gazing Farm in Maryland. She started the farm with just one sheep and two goats, but has turned it into a sanctuary. In this video she introduces us to her animals. "She's on a diet but doesn't seem to be losing any weight," (in reference to her pig). More

Video: Meet 3 Different NY Farmers

These three different stories present a pretty diverse and spectacular picture of farming life—and it's New York through and through. These three farmers grow in and around New York City, and explain how the relationship to the city affects their farming. Hear from Annie Novak from Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in Greenpoint, Abu Talib from Taqwa Community Farm in the Bronx, and Jack Algiere from the Stone Barns Center, located just 25 miles north of Manhattan in Pocantico Hills. More

Video: Cobb Hill, a Communal Farming Experiment in Vermont

Intentional communities, draft horses, farmstead cheese... it all sounds a little bit Vermont. That's because it is! This short film takes place at Cobb Hill, a cohousing community in the North East where communal has taken a more comfortable turn and appears to be doing very well. Mix that with a corn chowder recipe and dancing and you have you've got one answer to the food issues in America. More

First Look: Farm Table Dinners at Terrain in Glen Mills, PA

If you've visited New York's ABC Carpet and Home and dined at ABC Kitchen, this is similar, just add a nursery filled with gorgeous growables and a historic mushroom house. This fall Terrain is introducing a series of Farm Table dinners in their Styer's Garden Café with menus created by chef Keith Rudolf who is taking full advantage of his prime produce source in the Brandywine Valley. The first one is happening on October 5th but we had a chance to sneak a peek at some of what Rudolf will be serving. More

Video: Now That is Grass-Fed Beef

Almost halfway through the Perennial Plate's six-month journey across America, we found a place where it would be easy to never leave. The beauty of Montana is stunning and the approach to ranching at J Bar L is inspiring. Situated on 30,000 acres in one of the most important wildlife corridors in the country, this ranch tries to replicate the bisons' role in this habitat. The result is an area packed with wildlife, fertile soil as well as a healthy and delicious meat. And the folks who run this place touched our hearts and became our friends. Watch the video. More

Video: Egg Restaurant's Vegetable Farm in Upstate New York

Egg is a little restaurant in Williamsburg that started as a Southern brekkie spot (hello, artisan scrapple) then eventually added lunch and dinner service, and now has a six-acre farm upstate. Chef George Weld didn't want to replace the farmers he'd been working with already, he just wanted to understand the food system better. While the restaurant started out pretty pork-crazy, they're now more veggie-driven. More

Video: Janus Food Works in Oregon, Getting Youth Involved in Urban Agriculture

Janus Youth Programs has operated community-based programs for children, youth, and families in Oregon and Washington since 1972. They have a network of over 20 programs includes, including Janus Food Works, which employs 14 to 21 year-olds from Portland. The youth get involved in the planning, growing, selling, and donating of over 4,000 pounds of organic produce each year from the one-acre organic farm on Sauvie Island. More

Video: Oregon Sheep Farmer Says 'Eat Less Meat'

The way we eat seems to be in constant flux: eat no meat, eat lots of meat, everyone has their opinion. But when a family that actually raises sheep for meat suggests we change our meat consumption, that's pretty interesting. Such was the case at Magnolia Farm, located on the rolling grassy hills near Riddle, Oregon, where Elissa raises her sheep with such love and attention that each death is a challenge. And the price of this coddled meat makes it a treat for all but a few. More

Touring The Hudson Valley With Chef Dan Kluger of ABC Kitchen

The Hudson Valley is that beautiful, expansive chunk of land along the Hudson River that's home to many farms, some of which are represented at New York City's Greenmarket. The farmers trek into the city with their cherries, beets, goat cheese, and many other fresh goodies piled onto flatbeds to sell at farmers' markets and to some restaurants. We recently road-tripped with ABC Kitchen chef Dan Kluger, to meet some of the farmers that supply his ingredients. Here are snapshots of the goat cheese, squash blossoms, whiskey, radishes, and more from our day of cruising around in tractors (and convertibles). More

Snapshots from Sweden: Vikentomater, a Tomato Farm With Over 80 Kinds of Tomatoes

If Vikentomater's endearing slogan, "In my food, on my sandwich and in my heart," doesn't grab you, maybe their boxes upon boxes of vibrant, gleaming tomatoes in different shapes (perfectly round, oblong, asymmetrically blobular), sizes (bite- to monster fist-sized), and colors (reds, purples, yellows, greens, striped)—more kinds in one spot than I had ever seen before in my life—will do the trick. More

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