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Market Scene: Yamashiro Farmers Market, Hollywood

Market Scene Clarissa Wei 3 comments

The Yamashiro Farmers Market is awfully romantic. Perched directly beneath the Asian restaurant of the same name in the Hollywood Hills, the market boasts one of the most beautiful views in Los Angeles. More

Market Scene: Phoenix Public Market

Market Scene Erin Jackson 3 comments

Sure, there is fresh produce at the Phoenix Public Market, but the real draw is all of the handcrafted treats, from slabs of fudge to gourmet caramels. More

Troy: A Smashed Burger Grows in a Farmers' Market at Nighthawk's Kitchen

A Hamburger Today Max Falkowitz 8 comments

After a taste of the steak-y smashed burger from Nighthawk's Kitchen, it's easy to see why this food stand draws the longest line at the Troy Farmers Market. More

Market Scene: Winter Settles in at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket

New York Lauren Rothman Post a comment

The Greenmarket these days is looking, well, a little gray. Yup, it's winter, and the local produce you can get now is what you'll be getting clean through March or April: apples and pears; squash and roots; onions and crucifers. Take a look at what you can expect for the months to come. More

Market Scene: Lane County Farmers' Market, Eugene OR

Market Scene Maggie Hoffman 4 comments

The Tuesday edition of the Lane County Farmers' Market in Eugene, Oregon might be a tad smaller than the one we visited in Portland, but it's full of riches nonetheless. Freshly caught salmon, gorgeous tomatoes, greens of all kinds, grapes, and apples greeted us as we made our way around on a recent visit. Check out the slideshow for a peek at some Oregon produce (and other tasty farmers' market bites). More

Market Scene: It's Still Summer at the Grove Street Market, San Francisco

Market Scene Lauren Sloss Post a comment

We're pretty spoiled when it comes to farmers markets in San Francisco. There is, of course, the Ferry Building—the arguable Big Daddy of all markets everywhere, but there are an amazing number of little market gems all over the city. Like the Grove Street Farmers Market, holding court between Divisadero and Broderick every Sunday. More

Market Scene: Peppers Hot and Sweet at the Union Square Greenmarket

New York Ben Fishner 3 comments

This week, we turn our attention to one of the early fall highlights of the market: peppers of every shape, size, and color are all over the market right now, from big sweet red bell peppers to neon yellow, mouth-burning specimens. Click through the slideshow for a closer look at the family capsicum. More

North Carolina: 10 Tasty Bites at the Carrboro Farmer's Market

Market Scene Eric and Sarah Mine 3 comments

The Carrboro Farmer's Market is a Saturday morning institution in the Triangle. But you can't shop on an empty stomach, so we ventured out to find 10 great bites to grab as you browse the market. Hot dogs, chocolate babka, kimchee, and more. More

Atlanta: A Tour of the International Produce at Buford Highway Farmers Market

Erin Zimmer 12 comments

The Buford Highway Farmers Market is a 100,000 square-foot grocery megastore, about Costco-sized. If there was a Nobel Prize for markets, this would absolutely deserve to win. Take the eggplant aisle: Sicialian, Dominican, Indian, Thai, and other varieties all lined up next to each other, in various shades of the indigo continuum. Check out all of the international produce at this incredible Atlanta market. More

Market Scene: Spring Onions, Strawberries, and Artichokes at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market

Market Scene Sarah Woo 1 comment

Though California is blessed with beautiful produce throughout the year, the crowd at the Santa Monica Farmers Market seemed especially excited with spring and summer offerings overlapping. Fava beans and asparagus were plentiful, and there were some early heirloom tomatoes as a harbinger of summer. More

Market Scene: Ramps and Green Garlic at the Union Square Greenmarket

New York Ben Fishner 1 comment

An unseasonably warm March seems to have jumpstarted the local Greenmarkets, and over the last week we've seen that first polarizing sign of spring for farmer's market regulars: ramps. Not just a few, and not just enough for restaurant chefs to snatch up before regular shoppers arrive, but bushels and bushels of the sweet wild leeks.Click through the slideshow for a closer look at what we saw at the market last week. More

Snapshots from Valencia: A Tour of Mercado Central (Central Market)

Robyn Lee 3 comments

Mercado Central (Central Market) in Valencia is Spain's largest fresh food market and one of Europe's largest and oldest running food markets, opened in 1928*. (In other words, it's a must-visit if you're in Valencia.) The cavernous building is home to over 900 food stalls selling fruit, vegetables, spices, seafood, meat, cheese, nuts, olives, cured meats, and more. More

Market Scene: Hollywood Farmers' Market in Early Fall

Market Scene Leah Greenstein 5 comments

The market was filled with fall treasures: pomegranates, quinces, crispy Asian pears and winter squash, as well as the lingering delights of late-summer like heirloom tomatoes, Rosso Bianco eggplants, and every grape variety imaginable. More

Market Scene: Renningers Antiques and Farmers Market in Kutztown, PA

Market Scene Meister 4 comments

When traveling through the rolling corn fields of Eastern Pennsylvania, it's hard to limit the number of stops one can make at this or that roadside farm stand. Thankfully, the Kutztown outpost of Renningers Antiques and Farmers Market kills several birds with one convenient, folksy stone. The market stalls are teeming with Pennsylvania Dutch classics like sauerkraut baked beans, shoo-fly pie, pretzels, horehound candy (who still eats horehound candy?!) and all manner of cured meats. More

Market Scene: Early September at Ferry Plaza in San Francisco

Market Scene Jen Maiser 1 comment

There are so many reasons that I feel lucky to live in the Bay Area. This week, one of those reasons was that we still have well over a month to buy fresh, local tomatoes. This week I took advantage of that at Ferry Plaza. Check out snapshots from the market, including grapes, zucchini, fresh ramen, Dragon Tongue beans, and more. More

Market Scene: Bethany Beach, DE

Market Scene Jessica Leibowitz Post a comment

The Bethany Beach Farmer's Market—which closes for the season on Sunday, September 11th—packs a solid 15 growers into the PNC Bank parking lot just a block away from Bethany's main boardwalk. For a small market, they've done a nice job assembling a wide variety of vendors; you'll find everything from standard fare (corn, cheese, heirloom tomatoes) to the more exotic (mushrooms, honeycomb candles and cupcakes, handmade lavender soap). More

Market Scene: Late Summer Berries and Beans in Duvall, WA

Market Scene Denise Sakaki 1 comment

Despite the late summer arrival of heat-wilted afternoons, the chill of the evening skies and whispering hints of autumn are signs that the farmers' markets in the Northwest are coming to a close. So to finish out my own season for Market Scene out in Washington state, what better way to bid farewell to summer than from my own backyard—welcome to Duvall, just northeast of Seattle. Won't you visit for a final stroll through our little market? More

Market Scene: Central Square in Cambridge, MA

Market Scene BostonZest 1 comment

Central Square in Cambridge has grown into an important food destination and the Central Square Farmers' Market gives lovers of fresh, local food another reason to visit the area. At the Kimball Fruit Farm stand, chef Steve Johnson had packed boxes with as much produce as he could carry back to his restaurant Rendezvous in Central Square. We also spotted chef Tony Maws shopping for Craigie on Main, around the corner from the market. Check out photos of the pumpkin blossoms, peaches, early pears, shell beans, and more beautiful produce. More

Market Scene: Union Square Greenmarket

New York Ben Fishner 2 comments

As August begins to wind down, it can start to feel like summer's over. If you find yourself in these doldrums, head to your local Greenmarket: it's positively bursting with peak season goodness, from tomatoes to corn to peaches and plums and more. Being in Union Square this week, it felt like we were just getting started. More

Serious Entertaining: Farmer's Market Lunch

Serious Entertaining Carrie Vasios Mullins Post a comment

At this time of year, the farmer's market is in full swing. Suddenly it's such a pleasure to go grocery shopping that I'd do it twice a day, if possible. The result is a kitchen that's stockpiled with produce, far too much for me to tackle alone. What a perfect excuse to make lunch and share with friends what summer is all about. More

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