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Farmers Market Pro Tips: Shopping Dos and Don'ts

I asked farmers from across the country how they think we should all act when we sidle up to their booths on market day. What are the best questions to ask about how you raise your animals or treat your fields? Am I a total jerk if I try all of your samples and don't buy anything? Are you just pretending to like my dog? More

Market Scene: Santa Monica Farmers Market, California

Given the beautiful selection of fresh and prepared goods, it's no wonder that the open-air Santa Monica farmers market attracts over one million shoppers a year. But it's more than just the quality produce, meats, and dairy that makes this particular market so popular—adjacent to the highly trafficked Third Street Promenade and a mere three blocks from the Pacific ocean, the location is prime. See what's on offer in the slideshow! More

Market Scene: Hyde Park Farmers Market in Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati's restaurant scene may still have a little ways to go, but their market scene is already stellar. There are farmers markets everywhere—several daily—with plenty of farmers and home "cottage" businesses to supply them. Since we couldn't pay a visit to each and every one, we ultimately settled on the popular and highly recommended Hyde Park market. See the produce and goods on offer in the slideshow! More

Market Scene: Melons, Peppers, Tomatoes and More at the Union Square Greenmarket

Peak season at the market continues this week, with lots of melon rolling in, along with sweet and hot peppers and the squash, tomatoes, and eggplant we've been seeing for weeks now. What's more, the prices on those beautiful heirlooms continue to drop as the season really hits its stride. What're you waiting for? Click through the slideshow and get to the market, ASAP! More

Taste Test: Who Has the Best Eggs at the Union Square Greenmarket?

More than once I've brought home a dozen eggs from the greenmarket only to find that they sported pale, diminutive yolks or that they were lacking the freshness that farm-to-market eggs should have. In the interest of helping out those of you who've got the same issues in the past, we took a trip to the Union Square greenmarket to find the best, and to see if they were any better than eggs from the supermarket. More

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