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Taste Test: Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is tarter than the average Yoplait, as thick as crème-fraîche, and packed with protein. Newbies have to work up to the tang but the hard-core Greek yogurt eaters can handle it straight up. We put our lactose tolerances on the line to find the best. More

Snapshots from Greece: Fage Yogurt

"It seems to spark an obsessive quality in people." As a Fage enthusiast, I was pretty excited to visit the yogurt's motherland. Within the first few hours of arriving in Greece, I wandered into a corner convenience store and zeroed in on the fridge section. There it was in Greek letters: ΦΑΓΈ (pronounced fah-yehhh). Greeks eat yogurt around the clock: at breakfast (even though they're not big breakfast people), as a snack, and definitely for dessert. To counter the tartness, they pour on the honey. Greeks have a lot of pride in their honey, especially thyme honey, claiming it's some of the best golden sticky stuff in the world. Because of the country's long sunshine periods, the Greek bees can... More

People Are Still Really Obsessed With Fage

fageusa.com The Serious Eats community has always loved the tart Greek yogurt Fage (pronounced FA-yay). What other creamy fluffiness can triple as a Kashi sidekick, an alternative to mayo or crème fraîche and catalyst for a 12-step yogurt addiction plan. Searching "fage" yields a whole seven pages of fodder on our site, and apparently the rest of the world digs it too. This weekend, the New York Times Magazine explores the Greek yogurt with some history and recipes, as well as a snapshot of the stuff in a bizarre iceberg-esque blob shape that seems to be made of wet molding clay, not yogurt. That would definitely give us the pucker face, just like the acidic yogurt usually does, but not... More

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