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Grocery Shopping with Fuchsia Dunlop in Chinatown, NYC

"You have so much more to buy here than we do in London!"

It's the third time in half an hour that Fuchsia Dunlop, cook, writer, and scholar of Chinese food, has said so on our shopping trip through Chinatown.

Fuchsia's new cookbook, Every Grain of Rice, is all about getting the most out of simple home cooked dishes that rely on a couple main ingredients a few supporting pantry items. She took us around Chinatown to show us just what those ingredients were—and how to cook with them.


Fuchsia Dunlop's Cold Chicken with a Spicy Sichuanese Sauce (Liang Ban Ji)

Spicy dishes often come with chiles atop to prepare diners of the fire lurking within. There are no extra peppers above Fuchsia Dunlop's Cold Chicken with a Spicy Sichuanese Sauce from Every Grain of Rice, but the deep fiery red of the chilli oil should read as a warning sign to those weary of spice. But this chicken dish is not only about searing heat--the cold poached chicken, with its slippery skin and succulent meat, is beyond tender and moist; the bright spring onions and brown rice vinegar enliven the rich oil-slicked sauce; and the roasted grown Sichuan pepper is the final electrifying touch to the plate, giving the dish its signature ma la. More

Cook the Book: 'Every Grain of Rice'

When it comes to cooking Chinese food at home, I'm usually in the "stir-fry it or buy it" category. I'm more than willing to toss some veggies and pieces of meat in a skillet with soy sauce, chiles, ginger, and garlic come dinnertime, but ask me about red-braising or dry-frying and I'll usually shrug my shoulders and suggest heading to Mission Chinese or Z&Y. But now that I have a copy of Fuchsia Dunlop's new cookbook, Every Grain of Rice on my kitchen counter, things have changed. Enter to win your copy here! More

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