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My Pie Monday: Filipino Breakfast Pie, Spicy Summer Squash and Arugula, Stuffed Detoit Pizza, and More!

Slice Niki Achitoff-Gray 5 comments

I hope you're ready for My Pie Monday, because we've got another stomach-rumbling lineup this week! More

My Pie Monday: Special Halloween Mystery Edition

Slice Meredith Smith 6 comments

It's a Halloween Special of My Pie Monday, Slice'rs! The pies look as good as ever, but this week we've added a twist. If you frequent the weekly My Pie Monday galleries, you may think you've got an eye for the signature look of pies by regular contributors. I know I do. This week we're going to make it a "guess whose pie" game. More

My Pie Monday: Queso Fundido Pizza, Aleppocalabrita, Margherita in a Glass and Much More!

Slice Meredith Smith 10 comments

Happy My Pie Memorial Monday! Hopefully lots of you are out firing up the wood fired oven, or making some space on the grill for pies. If you need some motivation or inspiration, take a quick trip through today's My Pie Monday gallery. More

My Pie Monday: Sweet Potatoes, Sweet Tomatoes, and Sweet Jesus, Dem's Some Fine Looking Pies!

Slice J. Kenji López-Alt 13 comments

I'm filling in for Slice Queen Meredith this week and normally more work = less fun, but darned if you Slice'rs don't make this job easy. This week we've got fifteen pies on the menu. As usual, dmcavanagh comes through, this week with two pies! LLTODDJ and Zumicroom both give us their best Neapolitan stylings while nzmick brings a taste of Chicago to the other side of the globe. You'll find a Texan who likes salad on their pie (woulda never thought I'd see the day), more mushrooms than you can toss a crust at from amusebouche1, and roast chicken pie from billgraney that looks so good it could even convert this non-chicken-on-pizza eater. More

My Pie Monday: Guacamole, Merguez Sausage, Calabrian Chiles, and More!

Slice Meredith Smith 17 comments

There's a baker's dozen of beauties in the line-up this fine My Pie Monday! There are at least two first time contributors this week—a warm welcome to feedmittens and Freest Rolexes. TXCraig1 and ESNY1077 break out the heat with Calabrian chiles and fresh jalapenos (note: NOT PICKLED), respectively. Not quite as spicy, but still heating things up, tomdorkey incorporates pepper salami, and red pepper flakes into his topping combo. Check out dhorst's Game Day pizza, looks like someone might be running an illegal pizza delivery operation... Amusebouche1 translates lamb stew into pizza and Girl Loves Pizza spreads on pinto beans, guac, and cheese with her seven layer dip pizza stylings. There may be some Caputo deck oven break throughs from Norma, Olsonmatt has a greek revival moment, Jimmyg combines some "out of this world" toppings, billgraney doubles up on pesto, and dmcavanagh makes a special birthday pizza. More

My Pie Monday: Mango Chicken, White Sicilian, Confit Ramps with Morels, and More!

Slice Meredith Smith 13 comments

There are some fine looking pies in the My Pie Monday gallery today. In the Margherita class we have a traditional rendition via Damian, a pepperoni topped pie from JeanB, and Ev takes his the Italian Sausage route. ESNY1077 has a mini skillet Sicilian in white, jamesws creates an allium trio with morels, Billgraney goes the bell pepper trio route, there's a veggie bbq pie from James S., shrimp and onions top Tscarborough's pie, and Amusebouche1 finds inspiration at Trader Joe's. Experimenting with an 11-day cold ferment yields some satisfying results for Norma427, and Jimmyg learns a thing or two about Pillsbury flour. More

My Pie Monday: Boar Sausage, Buffalo Chicken, Deep Dish and More!

Slice Maggie Hoffman 18 comments

What a great source of pizza inspiration My Pie Monday is. This week, we've got a broiler-cooked boar sausage pizza from Celeriac, and an awesomely puffy pie cooked on a Big Green Egg from Linebacker U. We have spinach and hot peppers on a pizza from Ohiosfinest, and a Buffalo Chicken pizza from Ev, plus deep dish from Gregg, and more delicious-looking pies from Lila S., Jean B., ESNY1077, Norma427, and Olsonmatt. More

My Pie Monday: Wood Fired Pizza, Broiler Pizza, Baby Pizza!

Slice Maggie Hoffman 15 comments

We've got a little good-weather wood-fired action from Norma427, a luscious broiler Margherita from Damian, a wee baby pizza from Scott Wiener of Scott's Pizza Tours, and more awesome pies from dhorst, LinebackerU, Scott D, Il Cornicione, Mmmph, James S., Olsonmatt, and ESNY1007. Check 'em all out in the slideshow! More

My Pie Monday: Square Pizza, Liederkranz Cheese, Meatball Slider Pizza, and More!

Slice Maggie Hoffman 18 comments

On the menu today: a Sicilian-style pie from ESNY1077, an arugula-topped pizza from ForzaPizza, TupperCook's stuffed pizza, and some serious meatballs on Amusebouche1's pie. Plus great looking homemade pizza from Norma427, IDreamofPizza, Mediocrepop, BiereBeer, and Adam Kuban. More

My Pie Monday: Ham and Gruyere, Hot Garlic Oil, Oaxacan Cheese, and More!

Slice Maggie Hoffman 15 comments

You're on a roll, Slice'rs! Great looking pies today, including a spinach and hot garlic oil pizza from Slice contributor Amy Kundrat, an egg-topped pie from bartonkt, some seriously delicious-looking homemade sausage from BiereBeer, plus more delicious homemade pizza creations from Slice'rs dhorst, ESNY1077, James S., Jean B., Norma, seemunkee, TScarborough, and unpocojmoney. More

My Pie Monday: Potatoes, Deep Dish, Eggs, and More!

Slice Maggie Hoffman 18 comments

Today we've got a gorgeous potato and thyme pie from Scott D, a Pequod's-style deep dish pizza from FredipusRex, and a seriously delicious-looking pie from Pizzacommander's pizza party (why didn't we get an invite?)...But that's not all—Norma's working her milk kefir starter, Professorplum shares a nice Margherita, Patrick B made a ham, egg, and cheese pie, and there are more tasty pizzas from FoolishPoolish, Bartonkt, dmcavanagh, Tdpl, TScarborough, ESNY1077 , thearrogantchef, and first time MPM'r Soles. More

My Pie Monday: Beans, Shrimp, Grilled Pizza, Faux Rosa, a Calzone(!), and More...

Slice Maggie Hoffman 25 comments

Maybe other folks have turkey on the brain, but we can count on Slice'rs to stay focused on their gorgeous homemade pizza. Quite a few tasty -ooking pies in this week's My Pie Monday! Thanks to Tom Scarborough, John Wozniak, Dhorst, Jon S., and Mike for sending them in! More

My Pie Monday: Clams Casino, Flatbread Pizza, Homemade Deep Dish and More!

Slice Maggie Hoffman 18 comments

So many creative and delicious-looking pies for this week's My Pie Monday! There's breakfast pizza, grilled pizza, Southwestern pizza, and even deep dish. Check out the homemade pizzas from the kitchens of Mike Senese, aaroneatspizza, Jim Z., ESNY1077, olsonmatt, BiereBeer, Bill CBP, lisatyc, Brigitte T., Adam Kuban, and dhorst. More

My Pie Monday: Microscopes, Broiler Issues, and More

Slice Adam Kuban 24 comments

Oh, boy. A ton of great My Pie Monday submissions this week and lots of great inspiration from the likes of ESNY1077, hmw0029 (an unconventional MPM but super awesome; see above!), Pizzablogger, Pizzasnob, Marisa R., Kevin B., dhorst, Dave Martin, climbhighak, and James S. Check out the slideshow above and see if it introduces you to your brand new favorite pizza! More

My Pie Monday: Potato Pizza, Comte Cheese, Rosemary-Dusted Pies, and More!

Slice Adam Kuban 42 comments

It's time for My Pie Monday, where Slice'rs share photos of their homemade pizzas. This week we have hmw0029, Dan B., Casey Crynes, Scott Wiener, ESNY1077, and yours truly in the mix. Great inspiration lies ahead — including potato pizza, hot soppressata, and plenty of representation of the skillet-broiler method. More

My Pie Monday: ESNY1077's Square, Focaccia, Hot Italian Sausage Pizza

Slice Adam Kuban 4 comments

[Photograph: ESNY1077] ESNY1077 is back with another focaccia-crust pizza. (He submitted another in early July). This one has one of my new favorite toppings — I'll let you guess which one from his description: Made another square pizza this weekend using a focaccia dough with fresh mozzarella and drained canned tomatoes. This one with hot italian sausage, from Flying Pig Farms in the Union Square farmers' market and fresh jalapeños, also from the farmers' market.Sliced the jalapenos paper-thin (sort of like Paulie using a razor to slice garlic in Goodfellas) so they got nice and charred in the oven.... More

My Pie Monday: ESNY1077's Focaccia Pizza

Slice Adam Kuban 9 comments

[Photographs: ESNY1077] Starting out the week with My Pie Monday, we have ESNY1077, sharing these shots and saying: Here is my latest pie. For a few weeks I was thinking of doing a square pie using a focaccia recipe and was spurred on by Aaron's post.... More

My Pie Monday: ESNY1077's Broiled Plain Pie

Slice Aaron Mattis 8 comments

It's always nice to see Slice'rs overcome the restraints of a small kitchen or use a creative method to prepare pizza. ESNY1077 does both with this My Pie Monday submission: I am far from an expert on making pizza, but I've been messing around a bit in my dreadfully tiny NYC apartment kitchen. This pie is my first attempt to use the broiler method mentioned by foolishpoolish. For the dough, I used Peter Reinhart's Neapolitan recipe.I know nothing about baking or making bread so I have a tough time knowing whats right and whats wrong or when I need... More

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