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Morning Becomes Dew: We Try Mountain Dew Kickstart

If nothing else, Kickstart—the new breakfast beverage from Mountain Dew's fortress of extremitude—wins points for sheer ambition. Positioning itself as "a fresh alternative to the age old morning question of 'coffee or juice'" (for people who have never heard of every other beverage in the world, I suppose), it promises to provide a highly caffeinated spike to your usual morning routine of ski-jumping, body-surfing, or radical commuting. More

Mega Man 'E' Energy Tanks Are Now Real: In Energy Drink Form

Image from news.dengeki.com To help promote the video game Mega Man 9 (or Rockman 9 in Japan)—the latest edition in the Mega Man series—a special energy drink will be released this month in Japan. The Rockman E-Tank Sports Drink pays homage to the E-Tanks used to refill your energy bar in the game. The drink will retail for 137 yen (or $1.25 in U.S. dollars). The new game, in all its retro 8-bit glory, will be released on Playstation 3 (on the Playstation network), Xbox 360 (on Xbox Live Arcade), and Nintendo Wii (on WiiWare). Watch the game trailer after the jump. [via Kotaku]... More

Anheuser-Busch to Stop Selling Alcoholic Energy Drinks

Mixing energy drinks with alcoholic beverages has come a long way since the simpler days of DIY Red Bull-and-vodka concoctions, with companies like Budweiser and Miller creating drinks containing energy-boosting elements of taurine and ginseng, in addition to the caffeine. Now facing pressure from state officials, Anheuser-Busch has agreed to stop selling alcoholic energy drinks: The attorneys general and the Center for Science in the Public Interest have threatened to sue A-B and Miller Brewing Co., charging that their alcoholic energy drinks are marketed to underage drinkers and also pose health risks.A-B, while maintaining that the beverages are legal and not marketed to underage drinkers, nonetheless notified CSPI that it would agree to stop marketing alcoholic drinks with energy supplements... More

Duff and Flaming Moes: They're Real!

Photographs of fridge and cans from agentparanoia on Flickr Homer's favorite alcoholic drinks can also be yours! Kind of. In our non-animated world they only come in the form of energy drinks found at Universal Studio's Kwik-E-Mart (or online at xoxide.com and possibly at Spencer's Gifts and Hot Topic). Of course, you'd buy it for the looks, not for the prospect of a refreshing beverage; agentparanoia tried the Duff energy drink and said, "It tasted awful but looks cool on my desk." Related Photo of the Day: Kwik-E-Mart in the Flesh Top 10 'Simpsons' Candy Moments In Videos: 'The Simpsons': Smiley Faced Breakfast Special... More

Energy Drinks: Which Ones Are the Best?

...after drinking thirteen different cans of energy drinks over the course of a long weekend I am convinced that my opinion is completely awesome and I could—if needed—run completely through the living room wall into the neighboring apartment. And that's the effect that comparing and reviewing 13 energy drinks will have on you, folks.... More

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