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Five Great Hot Dogs in Northern New Jersey

J. Kenji López-Alt 34 comments

A few weeks ago I called on hotdoglover with one simple request: take me to your hot dogs. He delivered, and how. Five different hot dog stands from the very very old to the very very new. Several distinct styles of hot dog from the classic Italian Hot Dogs (deep fried, in pizza bread) to the classic Texas wiener. Every joint was a winner, with something different to offer. More

Substandard Sliders at Fern's White Diamond and Better Burger in New Jersey

A Hamburger Today Nick Solares 6 comments

[Photographs: Nick Solares] In my recent Guide To Sliders in Northern New Jersey I listed two restaurants that I believed to still serve the genuine article but had not been able to try, though not through a lack of... More

New Jersey Dispatch: Santillo’s Brick Oven Pizza

New York BrianYarvin 9 comments

I’m really glad that Al Santillo from Santillo’s Brick Oven Pizza sent me an email describing his shop. This place is well-hidden even by the formidable standards of Elizabeth. Parking is almost impossible, and you can’t see the main... More

New Jersey Dispatch: Peru’s Favorite Foreign Cuisine

New York BrianYarvin 1 comment

As I scan my list of potential and partially written dispatches, I can’t help but notice that about ninety percent of them seem to be in Elizabeth. What is it about that place? It seems a bit rundown, but... More

New Jersey Dispatch: Farmers' Markets in Elizabeth, Millburn, and Freehold

New York BrianYarvin 3 comments

This has been a strange year for produce. Cool temperatures and more rain than a jungle conspired to make this a tough time for farmers. Of course, the baked goods, pickles, and deli items that make up a huge... More

New Jersey Dispatch: DiCosmo’s Italian Ice

New York BrianYarvin 5 comments

I had a problem during my first visit to DiCosmo’s Italian Ice in Elizabeth. I was standing in front, eating my lemon ice, trying to mind my own business, when I started getting lemon seeds in my mouth. If... More

Deal of the Day: Elizabeth

New York Erin Zimmer Post a comment

Elizabeth's Cinco de Mayo garden party will have a lot of awesome things for 50 cents: shots of Tanteo tequila, tacos (pulled pork and flank steak involved, oh snap!), and scoops of Il Laboratorio del Gelato's chocolate tequila sorbet and... More

New Jersey Dispatch: Don Alex Restaurant, Route 27, Elizabeth

New York BrianYarvin 2 comments

I made a remarkable observation during my first meal at Don Alex Restaurant on Route 27 in Elizabeth, New Jersey. I'll call it "Yarvin's First Law of Restaurant Selection." "The worse the television program playing in a restaurant, the... More

Jersey Dispatch: Two Takes on the Italian Hot Dog

New York BrianYarvin 5 comments

Our Jersey man Brian Yarvin hits up Tommy's and Jimmy Buff's for some Italian hot dog action. More

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