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Behind the Scenes: Lavender and Honey Duck at Eleven Madison Park

By now Eleven Madison has firmly secured its place within the top tier of restaurants, with every accolade to be had tucked neatly under its belt. While the menu is a constant rotation of inventive dishes, there is one that stands out, and has stood the test of time: the duck. The Lavender and Honey Duck has been on the menu for years, and is Chef Daniel Humm's signature dish. We went behind the scenes to learn what goes into the making of this incredible duck. More

First Look: Cocktails at The NoMad, NYC

"When this project came along, we wanted to recreate the classic hotel bar, which essentially was the birthplace of the cocktail," and a social center of the city, said Leo Robitschek, the bar manager at The NoMad (and Eleven Madison Park). Here's a first look at the cocktails at this hotly anticipated New York spot. More

Wake and Bake: Eleven Madison Park's Granola

Since I'm so fond of food, people often ask me if I've been to top restaurants like Per Se or Le Bernardin. Since I don't yet have the means to drop $500 on a meal, the answer is unfortunately no, I haven't. I'm always a little ashamed to admit this, as if it means I'm failing at my job. (Though no one asks my tech friends if they've tried out a jet pack, or frown when actors haven't worked with Martin Scorsese.) More

Cool Drinks, NY: Soft Cocktails at Eleven Madison Park

At Eleven Madison Park, there's a quartet of soft cocktails ($8 each) on the menu for those who prefer drinks without alcohol. Some are refreshing, familiar blends: The Madison Parksider couples cucumber, lime and sparkling mineral water while "Gingered-Ale" enhances sparkling water with ginger, lime, and demerara sugar. If I had to pick a favorite, though, it would have to be the Orange Julius. More

More Restaurant Week Food Porn

Alsatian sausage by Food in Mouth; Colorado lamb sausage by thewanderingeater We're nearing the mid-way point of Summer Restaurant Week 2008 and the reports keep pouring in. The Wandering Eater files her second RW meal of the week; a... More

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