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In Gear: Knives and Tools for Bird Carving

One of the highlights of the holiday season, at least for me, is the prevalence of big, carnal, bone-in masses of meat: whole roasted turkeys and geese, racks of lamb, standing rib roasts…..raaaaoooarrrrr! But what is the best tool for bringing these unwieldy beasts into submission, breaking them down readily into tidy bits and pieces fit for consumption at a civilized holiday table? Carving knives are nice. Their length allows for long, smooth passes through large pieces of meat, their relatively narrow blades facilitate maneuverability in between and around rib cages and breast bones, and, when paired with a carving fork, they smack of wholesome tradition—Bob Cratchit presiding over the Christmas table. Carving knives are, however, no necessity. Not only... More

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