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The Serious Eats Guide to Conquering Eataly Chicago

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 7 comments

Let there be no mistake, Eataly Chicago is big. With 63,000 square feet of space, dozens upon dozens of aisles of groceries, and 22 (or so) different restaurants and bars, where do you even begin? I made over 10 separate visits to help find out. More

Tips on Finding the Best Olive Oil With Eataly Expert Nicholas Coleman

Hannah Howard 8 comments

How do you taste olive oil? What does extra-virgin really mean? What should you look for on a label? We tackle all of these questions and more with Eataly's resident oleologist, Nicholas Coleman. More

14 Great Lunches in the Flatiron District

New York Amalia Safran 11 comments

The Flatiron District, named after its iconic wedge-shaped building, is always bustling, especially around lunch. But finding an especially good one in this busy office neighborhood can be more of a challenge than you'd think. With that in mind, we've compiled 14 of our favorite lunches in the area: budget-friendly sandwiches, filling noodle bowls, and some nicer sitdowns. More

Scenes from Eataly's Chef's Table, Starring Marc Vetri

New York Laura Togut 1 comment

Mario Batali has called Philadelphia's Vetri "Possibly the best Italian Restaurant on the East Coast," so it was no surprise when Chef Marc Vetri was invited to cook an exclusive one-night-only dinner last Friday as a part of Eataly's La Scuola program. More

Eataly Confirms Chicago Location

Chicago The Serious Eats Chicago Team 1 comment

Remember back in February when all those rumors were flying around about Eataly opening a location in Chicago? Well, we finally have some confirmation that the massive Italian market is indeed planning to invade River North. More

Our Favorite Lard Breads in NYC

New York Andrew Coe 16 comments

A peppery porkiness suffused the air at Serious Eats World Headquarters last week. The aroma curled around the nostrils of the worker bees, drawing them from their seats toward a big table covered with plates. "Oh my God, I love that smell!" said one. Ignoring that we'd just had lunch, we prepared to sample ten of the loaves variously called lard or prosciutto bread from around the city. Here are our recommendations for loaves you should seek out. More

Italy Visits Eataly: Scenes from Identità New York

New York Laura Togut 1 comment

Identità Golose, an organization based in Milan that promotes the best of Italian cuisine, hosted their third annual Identità New York last weekend in partnership with the one and only Eataly. The three-day event featured a series of cooking demos and two five-course dinners from some of the best chefs of Italy and New York, all under one roof. We dropped in for Saturday night's dinner, hosted by Lidia Bastianich in Eataly' s rooftop Birreria. More

Sugar Rush: Cinnamon-Raisin Loaf at Eataly

New York Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

Whenever I visit Eataly, I make sure to stop by the bread counter. For that afternoon sweet craving? This Cinnamon-Raisin Bread ($6.50), a plush and supremely soft loaf that begs to please. More

TGI Fry-Day: Panino Di Razza Fritta from La Piazza at Eataly

New York Jessie Pascoe 2 comments

This fried skate sandwich is definitely pricey, but the giant filets of local skate, made even better by a delicate fried crunch, is certainly working to earn its price tag. More

One Last Taste of Spring with Manzo's Tasting Menu

New York Max Falkowitz 5 comments

There's plenty of gorgeous spring around, and if you're still hungering for asparagus, morels, peas, and favas, Manzo at Eataly is still running its spring tasting menu with a heavy focus on seasonal produce for a few more weeks. More

Grub Street Teases Us With Eataly News

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 3 comments

Since I first learned about the prospect that Eataly may be coming to Chicago, I have just kind of assumed that all I needed to do was mention that Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich were involved with the massive concept and that would be enough. But Mike Gebert, the editor of Grub Street Chicago, actually did some reconnaissance work, taking some pictures of the market on a recent trip to New York. He just published a slideshow of the adventure, showing in detail what may be coming here soon. He also may know its location. More

Eataly's Making Fried Pizza

Slice Meredith Smith 5 comments

If you've haven't noticed Fried Pizza is blowing up in NYC! In just a few short months it has gone from "you can only get this in one place" to "OMG, there's an all fried pizzeria!" But fried pizza was born in the streets and Eataly is taking it back to the streets. More

Sugar Rush: Cowgirl Creamery's Clabbered Cottage Cheese

New York Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

This is not just cottage cheese, but clabbered cottage cheese. As in cottage cheese with a dangerously high proportion of thick, cultured cream (essentially crème fraîche) mixed right in to the cheese. Pair with ripe, sweet berries and you've got the ideal warm weather snack. The creation from San Francisco-based Cowgirl Creamery skims the line of guilty pleasure with those creamy, rich curds finishing on a tangy note. It's $10.99 a pound at Eataly and just as good eaten plain with a spoon, straight from the plastic container. More

Eataly Eyes Location Near Michigan Ave.

Chicago Nick Kindelsperger 4 comments

Rumors have been swirling for a few weeks now that Eataly may open a location in Chicago. Joe Bastianich just released some details about where it may be located and when it plans to open. More

'Pizza a Quattro Mani' Series at Eataly to Host NYC's Best Neapolitan Pizzamakers

Slice Adam Kuban 13 comments

Starting on Monday, Eataly's Rossopomodoro will be hosting a rotating group of NYC's best-known Neapolitan pizzamakers for a series of collaborative dinners called Pizza a Quattro Mani. Each Monday for the next 5 weeks will feature a different pizzaiolo, beginning with Mathieu Palombino of Motorino on February 20. Luzzo's Kesté, Numero 28 Pizzeria, and Forcella will cook alongside Rossopomodoro's Rosario Granieri on subsequent Mondays. The Motorino-Rossopomodoro menu appears after the jump. More

9 Warm Chocolate Desserts We Love in NYC

New York Kathy YL Chan 5 comments

There's a season for everything, and the first few months of each year are the season for warm chocolate desserts. From the silky hot fudge that tops ice cream sundaes and soft-serve filled eclairs, to molten chocolate cakes (and one with a molten green tea-white chocolate interior!), we've got you covered. Check out nine warm chocolate desserts we love this winter. More

Sugar Rush: Banana Stracciatella Gelato from Eataly

New York Kathy YL Chan 3 comments

ntensely ripe banana gelato comes streaked with dark chocolate shards. The broken chocolate bits melt first, chased by the cool of banana. Best in a waffle cone. More

Daily Slice: Focaccia at Eataly, NYC

Slice Aaron Arizpe 9 comments

First off, let's be clear: this is not the thin, crisp pizza al taglio you'd find in Rome. It's a much closer cousin to focaccia genovese, soft and spongy. Chasing my best memories of Genoa, I chose a piece piled with onions. More

A Sandwich A Day: Porchetta Sandwich from Eataly

New York Carey Jones 9 comments

At the rotisserie counter at Eataly, you can get the porcini-rubbed prime rib in a sandwich, which we've written about before. But there's a pretty good porchetta sandwich, too. More

The Vegetarian Option: Eataly Part II: La Pasta

New York Laura Togut 1 comment

Ever since I was blown away by Eataly's vegetable station, I've been wanting to further investigate what their other stations have to offer. Seeing as fresh pasta is one of their specialties (and vegetarian option friendly) it seemed both inevitable and appropriate to take on La Pasta for this week's vegetarian option. More

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