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Pictures of Bacon for Karen

"This is a book about drawing pictures of bacon for Karen. That's why it's called 'Pictures of Bacon for Karen.'" Well, that explains it. ...Actually, it does, for the most part. More specifically, Andrew's bacon-related drawings (accompanied by philosophical commentary) are the result of trying to pass the time during work meetings, which apparently double as a wellspring of creativity from which bacon doodles burst forth. Why will you read Pictures of Bacon for Karen? Because it has the word "bacon" in it. Also, as one of Karen's co-workers explains, "it's bacon, it's droll, and its 12 pages should waste at least 3 minutes of your workday." Related David Lebovitz's Candied Bacon Ice Cream For an Edible Container, Try... More

Photo of the Day: 'Spring Fever Risotto'

Flutephobia OK. Technically it's not a photo, but I couldn't resist highlighting this great sketch from among the many cute drawings on the blog Flutephobia. The Albuquerque-based blogger updates her site every few days with a new sketch, a practice that she says, "began as a creative exercise to reengage myself with what I was eating, among other reasons, and frankly, it's one of the coolest things I've done." We think it's cool, too, especially this sketch on making green-chile stew.... More

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