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Have You Ever Tried Hot Dr. Pepper?

When is a soft drink no longer a soft drink? When it's not carbonated, by definition. Sugar, water, and flavoring, with bubbles, is soda. Sugar, water, and flavoring, served flat, is something else. Hot Dr. Pepper is a drink that straddles the line between the two. More

Soda: Texas Loses Dublin Dr Pepper

As just about any drinker of soda in certain parts of Texas could tell you, Dublin Dr. Pepper is the cane-sugar equivalent of the version you'll find in the rest of the country. It's marketed much as Mexican Coke is, preferred by many for its lack of corn syrup and its old-fashioned glass bottles. Or, at least, it was, until last week. More

Soda: Will Dudes Really Like Dr Pepper Ten?

The two of us are pretty adaptable people, open to change and compromise. John's gotten Carey to love the Steelers, South Park, and WASPs who play racquet sports. Carey's opened John's heart to kale, New York City, and terrible TV dramas like Revenge. But diet soda? On that one, he's not budging. Could the new Dr Pepper Ten, their aggressively male-targeted diet soda, change his mind? More

Barbecue: Dr. Pepper Baby Back Ribs

The official start of the outdoor cooking season calls for some classics, and I can't think of anything better than these Dr. Pepper ribs. My most favorite of soft drinks served as the base of this sauce, which offers a tang and depth that will have everyone asking, "what's in this?!" More

Tulsa Man May Have Found Early Version of Dr Pepper Recipe at Texas Antiques Store

Photograph from longhorndave on Flickr Bill Waters, a Tulsa man tooling around in a Texas Panhandle antiques store, discovered a very interesting Dr Pepper artifact in a ledger book he found and bought there: The recipe written in cursive in the ledger book is hard to make out, but ingredients seem to include mandrake root, sweet flag root, and syrup.It isn't a recipe for a soft drink, says Greg Artkop, a spokesman for the Plano-based Dr Pepper Snapple Group. He said it's likely instead a recipe for a bitter digestive that bears the Dr Pepper name.He said the recipe certainly bears no resemblance to any Dr Pepper recipes the company knows of. The drink's 23-flavor blend is a closely... More

In Videos: Dr Pepper Hopping on the Slow Food Bandwagon?

A new marketing campaign for everyone's favorite medically themed soft drink. It seems that surveys have found that drinking carbonated drinks more slowly makes for happier soft-drink drinkers. As an avid soda drinker myself, I have to echo those findings. Of course, I'm not sure if slower drinking really lets you "savor the flavors" or just helps you avoid swallowing too much air—never a comfy feeling. Whatever the reason, Dr Pepper has enlisted NBA superstar Julius Erving to jump-shoot the message home. [via So Good]... More

It Was Almost the 'Dr Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'

Robb Walsh tells serious eaters everything they could possibly want to know about Dr Pepper in a brilliant piece of reporting and commentary, including these facts: There are now three local Texas bottlers making the original Dr Pepper with pure cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup (which Walsh objects to just on principle). Visitors to the original Dr Pepper bottling plant in Dublin, Texas, can buy 20 cases for "personal use"Bootleggers and legit concerns are now distributing said Dr Pepper in convenience stores, gas stations, and even in upscale Texas grocery store Central Market Walsh had passers-by blindly taste both kinds of Dr Pepper. Younger people thought the original Dr Pepper tasted weird. Walsh himself likes to cook... More

Beer Cola-Can Chicken

I was discussing Memorial Day eats on the ride home with my coworker and mentioned the possibility of smoking some beer-can chicken this weekend. This utterance caused my workmate to drop his jaw, take his eyes off the road to stare directly at me and exclaim with puzzled excitement, "What the hell is that?!?!" More

In Videos: Dr Pepper Commercial (1960s)

Even though I think this commercial could be edited down by 30 seconds, I'm strangely drawn to it. I like the catchiness of the song; the cheeriness throws me off. All I can think is, "People are definitely not that happy when they drink Dr Pepper." But then again, I've never seen a naturally occurring group of young, carefree Dr Pepper drinkers frolicking on the beach and eating hot dogs; maybe they are that happy. Watch the commercial, after the jump.... More

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