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Photo of the Day: 'Customer Special'

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] In response to yesterday's Photo of the Day featuring the "Extra Cheese/ Sausage" detail from a pizza box, Tupper Cooks! asked, "What, no X-tra Pineapple???" Well, I believe that would be covered by "Customer Special." So here you go. Consider this your X-tra Pineapple, Tupper. You're welcome — and aloha! ;) And like yesterday, feel free to download the original to use as a desktop wallpaper: http://www.flickr.com/photos/slice/4706612953/sizes/o/... More

Amazon's New Video On Demand Service Offers Decent Food Shows, Movies

From the left: an episode of Top Chef; Pressure Cook. For those of you who love the big and small screens: last week, Amazon announced Video On Demand, a PC and Mac-compatible service that provides instantly watchable content of TV shows and movies, with some available for rental ($2-4) and purchase (around $10). You can also buy complete seasons of TV shows for a discounted price. After clicking around a while and finding some quality food programming, my computer almost froze up and I discovered some of the service's quirks. The most annoying feature is that video previews play without warning. Some content can only be watched online and saved in "Your Video Library," while others can't and must... More

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